Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Even his mom thought I was some kind of floozie

This one is almost depressingly real-sounding. Look at all this codependency, emotional manipulation, and repetitive dysfunctional patterns (in that order, highlighted). Ellen is clearly still recovering.

Ellen :
This hit’s very close to home. I also had a releationship with a guy who turned into a drunk after I had INVESTED alot of time and effort (and emotion’s) into the releationship. The thing is that HE said he wanted mariage and a family, but he NEVER proposed, and mabye that was a good thing b/c he was a drunk and I thought that with my stability and attitude, I could change him and stop the drinkeing. BUT I was wrong.
I do NOT think he ever loved me b/c he saw me as a pretty thing he could just use and abuse by drinkeing and thinkeing ONLEY of himself and NOT me or my need’s. He knew I was willing to do anything to get him away from the bottel, but I do NOT think he cared b/c he perfered the bottel over me. He let me clean up his vommit, and just burped and walked away after he had his way with me. I do NOT know why I even put up with him; all my family thought he was a mess and that I could DO better, but he had me convienced that I was just a nothing who managed to get thru law school and was lucky to have found a job with the manageing partner. He warned me that my look’s were temporary and that I would need him ALOT more then he would NEED me, b/c he was an acountant and there was ALWAY’s a BIG need for CPAs.
Like a dummy, I beleived him b/c he seemed so sure of himself, like all of the Sheketovits family, they thought they were better then everyone. Even his mom thought I was some kind of floozie who onley wanted her son, the CPA, to suport me. FOOEY on that b/c I have a job and he lost his to the bottel.
So it is a very sad when you fall in love with a drunk, and I will NEVER date a guy who like’s to drink again. TRIPEL FOOEY ON THAT!!!

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  1. It is good Ellen has finally rid herself of that drunk. She does sound co-dependent, even today, unfortuanately.