Thursday, June 20, 2013

peeople are asking the same question

I have to assume "just" here means "only/to the exclusion of other better things," and not "in the immediate past." 

I think it is the same here when you are over 25 and have a law degree. Once I gradueated, everyone wanted to know when I was getting MARRIED. I said as soon as I find the right guy who is abel to support our life style and raise our children. Now that a few year’s go by, peeople are asking the same question, but my answer has remeained the same. To bad that this guy has NOT apeared for me. All the men do NOT want to marry me and have me raise our children. They want to have sex, but that is it. That is NOT what I want. I will of course have sex with my HUSBAND as long as children are IN THE PICTURE. Alan said he wanted kid’s but he never wanted to marry me. FOOEY on him because I just had sex with him. That is NOT what I wanted, partucularley b/c he was an alcholholc. FOOEY on Drunk’s!

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  1. I agree. Ellen could not in any event have let Alan back into her life, let alone between her knees. She now is holding out for a marriage contract before any man is again permitted in her lady garden. Kudos to Ellen for maintaining her morality in the face of an army of slobs waiting to dip their wicks into her. As Ellen would say: FOOEY!