Thursday, June 13, 2013

why burst her bubbel?

Wait--Ellen MET Alan's new girlfreind? Where, when, and most importantly how? Does this mean she saw Alan himself at that time too? If not, how did she know this was the gal?

And, more evidence that Myrna is in finance. No wonder she has so many dudes.
I think there is 2 School’s of thought on that. I know men who DO wear the button down shirt’s with a tie. Think of all the guy’s with those STIFF white shirt’s on. Of course they have ties. Even my drunk ex, Alan, used to wear white shirts with button DOWNs, and tie’s too. Of course, he was a slob and by the time he came home, there was NO TIE on, but in the morning’s he had a tie on with his button down shirt’s. YAY for him b/c I think he got another accounteing job. I met his new girlfreind but did NOT tell her why we broke up, just that it was NOT meant to be. I figure the girl will have to be a SAINT to put up with his drinkeing and vomiteing (assumeing that is that he is drinkeing), so why burst her bubbel?
Myrna still has a sore throat from her infection so we can NOT go out yet. She said she got it at work. I wonder if they have bad air conditeoning at her place. She is by Wall Street, and it got FLOODED out during Sandy, so mabye they need to redo the Air conditioner’s? Does any one else in the HIVE know about bad air getting peeople sick with sore throat’s? She had to go to the ENT for a SCRIPT. FOOEY!


  1. The girlfriend is probably a dish rag to put up with Alan. Tho he may have earning capacity, proven alcoholics often fall off the wagon and become co-dependent on their spouses to satisfy their most basic of needs. Ellen was smart to stop dating this man.

  2. I agree with this broad. Now that Ellen is not attached, she should date me. I'd show her one heck of a hot time. Plus, I'd pay for her dinner, as long as she kept the calories down, and saved me for dessert.

    1. By the way, you can send Myrna my way once her "throat infection" clears up. That one sounds hot enough to warrant a full meal and drinks, which will surely loosen her up.