Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Foggy Tuchus!

Why has Ellen's dad been riffing on the name of this neighborhood for so long that she can't even remember a time before? Recall that she went to GW for undergrad and law school, thus being there from--educated guess--1999-2006, give or take internships and summers. As to why it took such a locale to make Dad start on his ongoing BS, apparently it wasn't that she used to be thinner, leaving no room for tuchus barbs. It's that he used to be less deft with such genius pun's and thus needed inspiration.

I think she should consider moving back.

New Carolton? You should realy look also at Bethesda Maryland on the RED line b/c they have good deli’s up Wisconsin Ave, and they are also close enough in to DC. Yes, you have to transfer at METRO center, but so what?
I also read and agree with the comenteator’s who say live close and pay less in metro fare. You also get a city feel in Foggy Bottom, or as my dad says, Foggy Tuchus! Mabye that is where he started the focus on my tuchus. OMG! I just thought of that. It is so wierd!!!! FOOEY! I should have thought of this along time ago.
Speaking of deli, we had great deli with Roberta on Sunday, but we were so hot that I had to get Dr. Brown’s soda with my deli. I LOVE Dr. Brown’s and I did NOT even get DIET this time. I will not tell dad, b/c he alaready warned me to stay away from Deli. FOOEY on him. I had a great Corn Beef sandwich and I ate all of Myrna’s kishkey b/c she was still not 100%. I feel bad for her, but that meant more kishkey for me! YAY!!!!

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  1. Foggy Tuchis! This is a good one, and Ellen now only recognizes the connection? Dad is very smart, tho this one does not sound that original. Query how many DC locals have used this expression, or something similar for those bluebloods who do not know the meaning of the word Tuchis.