Tuesday, June 18, 2013

there must be form’s I should look for on the INTERNET

This kind of request from Ellen is almost familiar at this point. Perhaps the Sunshine Girls will step in with link's as they have done in the past? Good luck girl. Can't comment on what sounds like a kind of dubious proposition, but liability for a new cleint's bonehead moves should still all be on MP at this point.

Hug’s to you and DH and the baby that is comeing soon! He will get another job, after all he has a MBA, and that is a very valuable tool. Dad has one from Harvard and he swear’s by it. He wanted ME to get a MBA, but I am NOT that good with number’s.
I am so busy now. The manageing partner said that he has a new cleint that want’s to borrow $13 million from a group of investors and they want to useing the cleint’s Intellectual Property as COLLATERAL. The manageing partner asked me to draft a form agreement to do this. I told him I NEVER did a bank loan agreement. He said there must be form’s I should look for on the INTERNET. HELP!!!!
Does anyone in the HIVE have a bank loan form I can copy, so that ALL I have to do is FILL in the partie’s? Also, where can I figure out what Intellectual Property is Collateral? FOOEY!


  1. I posted a link for Ellen on Corporette, but am not sure if she reads them.

    If you have any contact with her, perhaps you can give her this link:


    She can add the clauses she needs, and then append a promissory note.

    We all share the desire for Ellen to succeed.

    1. I knew you would come through. Hope you have been less disappointed with me lately.