Tuesday, June 25, 2013

but everyone thought I was so cute

Ooogleing began back in Ellen's baby days, no surprize! Likewise pursuit by bald men appears to have been going on almost as long as she was remotely within a baldness age bracket with her male counterparts. Did any of her college classmates find a way to lose all their hair before asking her out/for her hand in marriage? I'm talking mostly about Bud or Biff, whose shiny scalps I can almost see from here.

I love pearl’s also. My dad bought my mom a set of cultured New Zeeland Pearl’s when they went on a 5th year aniversary date down there. I was just a baby and I stayed with Grandma Leyeh then. I even remember it b/c she took me to the beach club and there were alot of other grandma’s there but everyone thought I was so cute. Anyway, I told Dad I wanted a set of pearl’s like mom, but he said I would HAVE to get my husband to buy them for me b/c a good set was way to much for him to spend on me, especialy b/c I cost alot of money for him with law school and all. FOOEY!
I told him I could have been independant, and gotten my OWN financieal aid, but he would not hear of it, b/c he was telling all of his freind’s he was still suporting me at age 23. So I got NO financeial aid from GW for law school, even tho I could have been an RA if I pressed for it. The head of the houseing office told me that I would have been a great RA, but I just think it was because he was interested in dateing me. I told him he was to old for me. I was 21, and he was 38, and he had NO hair at all when peeople just started to think that shaveing your head was cool. DOUBEL FOOEY!
So I must wait for a husband to buy me pearls, unless I am willeing to spring for them myself. I do NOT want the cheep ones, so either I will buy them or wait to get MARRIED and have my husband get them in New Zeeland for me when we go there. YAY!!!!


  1. I don't think Biff would get her pearls. Isn't it interesting, tho that Ellen is interested in guys who are not her intellectual equal? She meets a guy who folds towels, and before that, there was Gonzalo, who folded napkins in a restaurant? Clearly, she wants to wear the pants in any family, and by going for those who are not professionals, she has a better shot than she would have with her drunk ex, Alan, the CPA.

    1. Not a bad bit of psychologizing, given the competency standards we maintain here at ELLENWatch. I wonder if Leyeh is ok with this mindset.