Friday, June 14, 2013

eateing alot of chocolate muffin’s

Some whiff of an answer to my frantic question yesterday about how/when/where Ellen came to meet Alan's current squeeze. It appears she has indeed seen him at least some time recently. 

I agree with CORNAELLIAN. If your freind for the ex-boyfreind, she will probabley like to do something nice for herself, mabye something from from Elizabeth Arden like a massage or make over mabye, if NOT something to eat like a gift cerfificate from Fairway’s or from WHOLE FOOD’s. When I broke up with my ex-boyfreind Alan, I wound up eateing alot of chocolate muffin’s, and it all found it’s way to my tuchus, and stayed there. Alan is even thinner then he was back then. I do NOT understand why we get bigger and they get smaller. FOOEY!
I really love this silk blouse, and it is very FRUEGEL at $49.00 for FRUEGEL FRIDAY’s! YAY! I am goeing to meet Dad soon, he is commuteing into the City alot this week, almost like the old day’s he says, when he was one of “the big KAHUNNA’s” on Wall Street. He once showed me the buildeing where he used to work, but it was NOT a new buildeing and his company is NOT even there any more. He said he worked there in the 1970′s before I was EVEN born!!! I guess he did OK b/c he was a BIG KAHUNNA! YAY!


  1. What happened to the "deep thinking" and insightful comments we've come to count on from you? Are you growing weary of Ellen's plight, or are you ready to dive right back in and hopefully influence all of our lives in a positive manner as in the past? I want to see Ellen married and with child, not just because of the financial bounty granny is waving in front of her, but because we are best suited to bear and raise our kids without having to do double duty in the workplace. Let's admit it. Full time work stinks. I'd like to be home raising my 2 year old, but it's impossible given my husband earns very little and he has expensive tastes.

    Sitting 9 hours at my desk, I've gained 15 lbs since graduating, and that was 2 years ago! I'll be big as a house in another 2 years unless I do something and am aways worried that DH, who stays with Tiffany, will meet a woman at the market or park and begin a torrid affair with horrible family consequences.

    It would be good to know if others feel the same way. Can you consider polling the readers here to see if they agree with me? I may be in the minority, but I don't think so. Thank you!

  2. Alan is a mess.