Thursday, June 20, 2013

I do NOT think any of the professor’s were interested in dateing her to give her extra credit.

Linda has been reminisced about before, and even herself chimed in on Corporette at least once, but I am interested in the distinction or intersection between Linda and Ellen's other cited law school (or undergrad?) roustabout-turned-trophy wife Lorrie. Ad we know, Ellen had the option to date a number of her professors, but did not (perhaps to her regret today).

I think it realy ALL depend’s on how FAR up in NW DC you want to live, and also if you are on the METRO Line.
When I was in DC goeing to school, I wanted to have a car, but DAD said NO b/c he thought it would take me away from my studie’s, b/c all the peeople in my DORM would want to have me take them shoppeing or to bars or anything but STUDY.
As usueal, he was RIGHT, b/c my girlfreind, Linda, who had a car, got alot of dates, but wound up flunkeing out of law school b/c she did NOT study enough to pass, and I do NOT think any of the professor’s were interested in dateing her to give her extra credit.
If you are workeing, I think you SHOULD have a car b/c NOT everything is on the subway line, and you do NOT have to want to schlepp thing’s on the subway b/c you do NOT have a car. Beside’s the METRO goe’s through some skeevey neiborhood’s and men will wind up followieng you or at the very least, stareing at you on the train, which is spookey!

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  1. It is good to see you back in action. Better late than never, I say, and it's good to see you making pithy comments and observations.

    I did see a post that you missed or that may not have met your quality standards yesterday, but it provides us with more input as to Ellen's present work digs. She evidently works in "MidtownSouth" where the Internet crowd is evidently taking up residence. I think MP is shady enough to get some profit out of their lease and just you watch -- they'll all wind up in some dumpy neighborhood in a cheap old building with an old elevator, just so that MP can pocket the rental difference. What do you think, Ellenwatch?


    Ellen :
    06/19/2013 at 5:48 pm

    I LOVE Ann Klein, but I can NOT wear slack’s to work, b/c the manageing partner now want’s us all to look presentable to all new and prospective cleint’s! He also said that we should start thinkeing about what we will need in our new OFFICE, b/c he is goeing to subleease this office b/c peeople are willing to pay alot for our lease if we subleaese it to them. Thank GOD for Midtown South and the INTERNET PEEOPLE! YAY!!!!!!!