Thursday, June 20, 2013

he is goeing to subleease this office

As the (presumptive) Sunshine Girls have pointed out, this post is relevant in attempts to locate Ellen's office--though she shouldn't be there much longer. I do look forward to hearing about how the new place is, and what kinds of smells it offers. SSG wonders if MP is playing slumlord just a bit, to his own employees, and I wouldn't be surprised either if we had to add that to his list of skeezes. 

(I had indeed seen this one, but it was hanging out in the queue.) 

I LOVE Ann Klein, but I can NOT wear slack’s to work, b/c the manageing partner now want’s us all to look presentable to all new and prospective cleint’s! He also said that we should start thinkeing about what we will need in our new OFFICE, b/c he is goeing to subleease this office b/c peeople are willing to pay alot for our lease if we subleaese it to them. Thank GOD for Midtown South and the INTERNET PEEOPLE! YAY!!!!!!!

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