Friday, June 28, 2013

and that is why I have to wear loose clotheing and sneaker’s

Both pretendeing she knows Kat from way back and "Tryathelon" are old moves with Ellen. Veteran Watchers may recall how Kat gave us an exclusive, dispelling Ellen's recurring insinuations that they have private conversations, or perhaps knew each other during law school. (You can hardly blame Ellen for encouraging such a flattering myth, however! In addition, she's been correctly spelling this blogger's three-letter first name with impressive consistency lately.)

And the ever-sporty Myrna has occasioned misspellings of her crowning event before...

Yay! I love fruegel Friday’s and I think hese are VERY pretty, Kat, but I would have to keep Frank from stareing at me if I wore these, tank top’s!
Dad got here before me and he was “shocked” how I dress comeing in to work. I told him how can I exersize and walk 3 miles with pump’s and a dress so I get my FITBIT mile’s in? I am also swettie today and that is why I have to wear loose clotheing and sneaker’s goeing in to work AND back.
He grumbeled, but agreed that I have to keep up the work to get my tuchus down and in shape. Dad is goeing with the manageing partner on his boat over July 4, and they invited me to go also, with mom. I am not sure yet, b/c I might have something to do with Myrna. Myrna is also doeing some kind of tryatheleon so I might cheer her on instead. Dad is here now, and he want’s me to go out and get him coffee. FOOEY! He will NOT let me go to CRUMB’s either. DOUBEL FOOEY!

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  1. Ellen evidently tries hard, but is not up to the little details. For her, hitting the high notes seems to be enough, both for her, and the law firm where she works. I would not want to see her get burnt out at work, either; otherwise, we would not be able to share these pearls of wisdom.