Tuesday, June 25, 2013

we are NOT these guy’s play dolls

As usual, Ellen eloquently misses the entire point of a thread. The concept of women judging each other is evidently a little too complex for her, even as she praises the link posted prior. No, the issue is still oooogleing by Frank, perhaps the judge, and usually MP. I wonder how much less hot Ellen think's she would need to become before this ceased being an issue.

This is a great PICTURE! Thank’s for posteing it!!!!!
This explain’s why I never wear any work skirt’s that are MORE then 1″ above the KNEE. That is b/c I do NOT want Frank to be ooogleing me and thinking about what would happen if I wore my skirt’s another inch or two HIGHER then that.
Even the manageing partner does NOT want me to be to provocative, even in the court even tho he know’s the judge is “a leg man” — I told him what am I a chicken, so I should show my leg’s to him, and the manageing partner agreed that I should NOT. It makes him focus on my arguement’s and MIND, NOT my clotheing or my leg’s. FOOEY on men that just look at us for our bodie’s and NOT our mind’s. We are attorney’s at law first; we are NOT these guy’s play dolls. DOUBEL FOOEY on men that do NOT respect us for our mind’s.


  1. At least Ellen is conservative enough not to exploit her beauty in an overtly sexual manner. I would never expect her to show any appreciable amount of leg (or boobie) to anyone!

    1. She has said she's willing to do so in order to have kids, as long as the guy's salary is adequate and he submits to marrying her.