Sunday, June 9, 2013

[I AM back]

Don't call it...
Y'all handled it like saint's! I was absent from blogging for what ended up being two full weeks, and I'm ever so grateful for your patience and understanding. Moreover, a spectacular ensemble of readers, on whose level of realness I will not comment, took up my challenge formidably by re-posting Ellen's posts all along in one central location. (Even Vincent J. Kutza, Jr., Esq., was marginally helpful before skulking back off into the shadows where he belongs.) The Sunshine Crew did such a good job that all that remains for me today is to round up highlights with my own annotations before getting back to our regularly scheduled program. So...:

  1. Finances, weight, clotheing, relationship to Dad: no change. Philip continues uninterested, from what we can see. I agree with Melinda that the Leyeh bonus is probably out of reach at this point.
  2. Manageing Partner still carries a torch for the first Mrs. MP? Interesting. I wonder if she's still living in the area, and to what extent Margie knows about this lingering tenderness. It certainly sounded like he went through a pathetic, sad-sack period after his divorce, but it didn't occur to me that the split might have been painfully unilateral. Maybe the problem was his constant oooogleing of a certain of his associates? UPDATE: Melinda point's out that it may be the Judge longing for his ex-wife, and not MP, and upon revisiting the post this is probably correct. Ellen is welcome to clarify in the future. 
  3. Newest romantic prospect: Dad's friend's 36-year-old cousin. Perhaps the chicken recipe can be tweaked in time for him.
  4. By far the most important development (and by the way, the overwhelming lack of developments did trigger some existential questioning on my part, though you'd think I'd know better!) is LONG-URRGED skepticism about the partnership offer, from both Dad and Ellen. It's supremely shady that MP is suddenly willing to waive the buy-in, especially since it started out so gigantic, but I don't understand why Ellen is rejoicing in this by the last few posts when Dad had clearly stated that there should be no deal regardless. Perhaps she doesn't want to admit that it's time to start hitting the pavement, or that the head of her firm has always been unethical and likely criminal. I feel like if we know this even through the veil of mud that is Ellen's narrative perception, it must be as obvious as the Macy's building by any "reasonable person" standard. (That only sort of includes Mr. Barshevsky.)
In closing, thanks much for all your kind words about my blog and my tuchus. Dad's calorie-surveillance database says I actually gained two pound's while on my forced butt-toning sabbatical, but we have agreed that if I do all future posts while on the treadmill I am allowed to keep ELLENWatching. 

FREINDS on this websight!


  1. Welcome back, Ellenwatch. We missed you.

    I note that while admittedly Ellen was unclear, for what it is worth I think the managing partner was referring to the Judge when he said he was holding out a torch for his first wife, rather than himself. After all, the red lipstick is only a requirement when she goes to court.

    Finally, I see you missed a post. Hopefully, your vacation has not resulted in rustiness when it comes to these important issues of the day.

    Ellen :
    06/10/2013 at 2:34 pm
    Personeally, I can NOT wear a white blazer in the City b/c it is so grittey here that it would be yellow or brown VERY soon after I wore it and I would NOT want to look dirty after 3 or 4 wearing’s of it, even if the manageing partner reimbueses for it, he does NOT cover dry cleaneing. FOOEY! The busses are FILTHY and the subway’s are the WORST so I do NOT even sit. The probelem with that is I have to grab hold of something, and slimey men like to rub up ageianst me or grab my tuchus. So the HIVE should think twice if they work in NYC about this one. YAY!!!!

    1. Thank you, Melinda, for your note on the TORCH. You're likely right, though the phrasing was unclear.

      As for the white blazer post, I skipped it on purpose. I do make a point of reading all of them even if I do not transcribe all of them.

  2. This Melinda broad has possibilities even tho she is not a friend. Ellenwatch, you are looking a little sloppy these days, if not long in the tooth. Are you as attractive as Ellen, or are you a 58 year old dowager or retired librarian that is living vicariously. If you are cute and are the librarian type, I could have you live out 50 shades of grey in my apartment. That would rock your world, even with a slightly bulbous tuches.