Monday, June 24, 2013

wanted me to go with them to the beache’s in Maryland

The stream-of-consciousness structure is even more pronounced here than in some other post's. And awkwardness with FRANK could reach whole new levels if the new office has a gym or a shower.

Where stand the partnership negotiations/Dad's business analysis of Manageing & MANAGEING? 
What about Rehoboth or Ocean City? When I was in DC, all the guy’s wanted me to go with them to the beache’s in Maryland on the weekend’s!
But Back then I looked great in a BIKINI, but now, not so much b/c of 5 year’s of sitting on my tuchus at the law firm — that my dad say’s is why I need to exercise EVERY day. And today is a HOTTTTT Day! Lots of HUMIDITY, and I hope the manageing partner is goeing to get us new SPACE in a buildeing that has a gym, or at least a shower! Yay!!!!
Otherwise, I am goeing to have to to go to the nearby NYSC, but that one has alot of greeazy guy’s there who LOVE to stare at me. FOOEY!

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  1. Something tells me that you are not going to be moving into posh offices, or, for that matter, offices with access to either a shower or a gym in the building. I agree that it could in any event be problematical if the managing partner sprung for Class A space, because inevitably there would be people staring at Ellen in the gym / shower. If it were part of the lease, Ellen would have a WC claim though!