Thursday, June 27, 2013

getting a little antsey about dad noseing around

Hmm, someone doesn't feel like Ellen's Dad should be able to get all up in their sh!t and start ordering everything the way he wants it? Perhaps this idea will finally catch on with our heroine, once endorsed by an(other) old white man. 

I agree. You are empoered to be whatever you want to be, my mom say’s. Dad say’s that with a college or law degree, you can look great in anything! Dad was here today for another set of interview’s with the staff, and he is learning alot about the firm. The manageing partner is getting a little antsey about dad noseing around so much, but dad is doieng it to be sure I know what I am getting into if he let’s me be a PARTNER. YAY! I need to be a partner to get MARRIED and have a child. FOOEY if that fall’s thru b/c Grandma Leyeh is sticking to her offer that I have a child, but NOT out of WEDLOCK. She is “of the old school ” say’s dad, b/c she does NOT want me to get impregneated without a ring on my finger. YAY!

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  1. The father is an autocrat. He is even bullying around the staff.