Monday, June 17, 2013

just tell them FOOEY and ask for $20 / hour

I'm not sure if the news in our last paragraph here constitutes progress toward throwing off the paternal yoke, even if we're only talking tuchus. Note that Ellen isn't defending her own bum on its own terms; she's asserting that men are ok with it (of the caliber she attract's at least). Also, mom's agreement doesn't mean much given how unseriously Dad consistently takes it. 

Let's do better.
That hapened to me at my first job, and they said when I asked that they were JUST testeing me. So I would not hesitate to be askeing them what the story. You do NOT want to be to caveleier about it b/c you are NOT makeing that much! If they complain to you, just tell them FOOEY and ask for $20 / hour. YAY!
My dad had a great father’s day b/c Rosa, Ed and the kid’s came down and we all ate Italian food. Dad really like’s Calzone’s and I am a big fan of Veal Piccatta, so we have a good resturant near us that know’s dad and alway’s seat’s him in the BAY window. It is good luck the chef, Louigi, say’s. Rosa was very pretty, I think her being pregenenat helps her to be more radeint, even after the baby! She is still nurseing, and that is I think why she look’s so good.
Dad was nice to me and did NOT say anything bad about my tuchus for a change. I told him men seem to like my tuchus just the way it is and mom agreed. YAY!!!!

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  1. I wonder if Ellen is referring to the Italian Place in Bellmore? There is a Chef named Louigi there and I recall a nice table in the bay window. Must be the one!