Saturday, June 22, 2013

Roberta has a few suprizes for us she says

Kanye has been joined by potential Sunshine Girl Bernice. It is Cool. 

No info on the content of ongoeing talk's between MP and Dad. I kind of hope the firm is advised to shut down.
Yay! Open thread’s!!! I Love Open thread’s!!!! And I realy love this blazer also! But NOT for work except mabye on Friday’s in the Summer.
The manageing partner had another sit down meeting with DAD today and Dad and I just got back from LUNCH. Dad like’s the Italian pizzarea on 37th, so we went there and he had a CALZONE with Ricotta Cheeze and I had a slice of white pizza, with a DIET Coke.
Dad wanted me to go home with him this weekend, but I said I could NOT b/c I am already doeing something with Myrna and Roberta in the Bronx. Roberta has a few suprizes for us she says and this will be FUN! Dad did NOT make any bad coments about my tuchus today. Thank god for that, and he saw that I still got a few construction guy’s to callout to me when we walked down 5th. They alway’s OOGLE me, but not call out. I guess today it is sunny so they get a little more FRISKEY! It is nice to know that even a girl over 30 with a tuchus can get attention, even if I am tight in a size 4. YAY!!!!!
Have a great weekend, Kat and the hive also!!!! YAY!!!!


  1. I can't believe the attitude of these women who look for attention (with tight clothing and short dresses), then complain when men notice them! What hippocrites! If a broad is good looking, she wants to know it, and here's the proof in the pudding, Ellenwatch! I say these other women who are walking around with a bone up their asses complaining about harassment probably never have men looking at them in the first place!

    On another score, I only get time to look at the internet on the weekends, because I am working my own ass off at work all week. It is telling to me that these dames have all kinds of time to comment on everything under the sun (Ellen included), and were it not for the fact that I have seen Ellen, and consider her worth a roll in the hay, I would brand her with the same iron as these other feminazis who put men down who are not up to their ridiculously high standards. If I get to be a partner, the first dames that will get the gate are the so-called Sunshine girls. We don't have a Bernice at the firm, but there are plenty of other firms with broads like ours, and she sounds like one of them. She would also be singing a different tune if she had a guy to provide her with a good time in the sack.

    1. You need a new shtick, Vinnie. These coment's are less seductive than ever.

  2. Vinnie is a jerk! It is no wonder that women recoil around such a Neanderthal. We want a man who can be a breadwinner, yes, but we want an equal, not a taskmaster that comes home to demand his wife greet him at the door naked, then service him as he gets to the living room. We are no longer living in the 1950s. We have jobs and can demand sex too if we want to be like you, but we don't. We willingly will give of ourselves to a man who respects us, but not to a man that justs wants a quick "roll in the hay". What in the world makes you think we want to jump on your micro weenie? We don't! End of story!