Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I wish I did not a D+ in Federal Income Taxe’s in Law school.

Some validation, here, for all my concerns yesterday about the deal being hammered out on Ellen's partnership buy-in. At least she's asking? Interesting that she's been known to dispense tax advice, bragging about her performance in Corporate Tax, but here's this D+. I guess in some way I'm relieved to see any evidence from the external world that Ellen doesn't quite stack up as a scholar...yet again she turns it into self-flattery, suggesting perhaps the only thing she really did wrong was decline a date with the wormy professor. (The better grade might have been quid pro quo, but could also apparently have resulted from her actually learning the stuff. See remarkable humility in the last complete sentence below.)

You have to be very carful. In my firm, there is alot of INFIGHTEING between the lawyer’s OTHER then the manageing partner, who is SENOR to all of them. The rest of the lawyer’s all try to take credit for what OTHER peeople are doeing, so that the manageing partner will give them a bigger BONUS. I am NOT part of this b/c right now b/c I am not a partner, tho when I am I do NOT know what is goeing to be different. I HOPE the manageing partner will STILL give me the clotheing allowance — I better ask DAD to put it into the partnership AGREEMENT ADDENDDUM he is going to be drafteing with the manageing partner that cover’s my buy-in as well as my pay-out and my 401K and now this.
I REEALLY have to discuss this earn-out stuff b/c I have NO IDEA what Dad was talkeing about. He said I do NOT have to pay as much in if the PARTNERSHIP does NOT make alot of money, but I will if it does, but then I get it back net of taxe’s? I wish I did not a D+ in Federal Income Taxe’s in Law school. The profesor did NOT like me b/c I would NOT go out with him. He was a wiry little worm with kinky hair and wire RIMMED Glasse’s and he worked for the IRS. Why would I date some one who had an IRS job? My dad said to stay away from him, but mabye if I did NOT, I would be smarter NOW on this stuff. FOOEY!

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