Friday, May 3, 2013

Where was Grandma Leyeh 14 year’s ago when I needed advise????

There's more to this one than you might think, reader's! 
  1. Ellen usually asserts impressive academic prowess when looking back--what gives? A sudden burst of honesty or recent glance at old transcripts
  2. Fascinating circularity with regard to achievement and the ol' MRS degree--Ellen wasn't smart enough to study in the med school library, but if she had done so she might not have needed to finish law school anyway (Lorrie never even had to think about it). Yet Lorrie was an even poorer student than Ellen, meaning that the decision to study in the med school library probably hinged on some savvier forethought than on confidence in her grades. In the end, who comes off looking sharper? 
  3. True love and bliss, accessible to Lorrie
  4. Ellen's referring to Philip as an elf. Our glorious dialogue continues, and I'm feeling even better about my working genealogy of Vincent Kutza.
Grandma Leyeh would LOVE for me to find and MARRY a doctor, so that I would NOT have to work at all. Unfortuneately, I was not smart in college or law school, and spent to much time in the LAW LIBRARY, and NOT in the MED School library like my freind Lorrie. Lorrie wound up dateing a med student, and she is NOW married with 3 kid’s!!!!! And of course, she is a stay at home mom, even tho 2 of the kid’s are now in school! Boy, did I miss out, b/c her husband is some big doctor in Reston Virginia, and she did NOT even have to move very far away from DC. She has horses and everything, and she was NOT even as smart as I was in college, grade’s wize, that is. But now, she wound up hitteing the JACKPOT with Jamie (whose parents got out of Iran when the Shah was over thrown or something). Lorrie call’s me at least 1x a week to talk about thing’s and I know she is very happy, so mabye I should have studied in the MED School library with her. She does NOT even have a gradueate degree like me!!!! I was dumb NOT to do what she did, b/c now, I have to choose between an elf with no sex drive and a gardener who wants to put my picture up in his locker at the Park’s department! FOOEY! Where was Grandma Leyeh 14 year’s ago when I needed advise???? DOUBEL FOOEY b/c I alway’s wanted to learn how to ride horses!


  1. Vincent J. Kutza, Jr.May 5, 2013 at 12:14 PM

    When is Ellen going to realize that wormlike creatures will not make her happy in the long run even if they have a large bank account? No, what Ellen and women like her need, for the long run are guys who have some money, but also the sexuality to keep her satisfied years down the road where the wimpy dorks she idolizes will all be bald and long unable to get any results, even overdosing on Levitra. Guys like me, strong both above and below the neck -- and belt-- are best to keep Ellen from straying when they are in their 40s and 50s. If she'd give me a chance, she'd never regret it, and would never have to publicly bray on a website about needing a man for companionship and satisfaction. One week is all I ask, Ellenwatch--please make it happen!

    1. I see you've shifted your thinking to the long game, which is wise as Ellen has been very clear that she's looking for a husband and no less. I'm concerned, however, that if you already think she's upstaged by Rosa due to her weight and age, YOU might be the one tempted to stray later on. I will not be any more help to you then than I am now.

      I'm also wondering why you don't put "Esq." after your handle, since you've upped the formality further. On other admin notes, remember this is about as racy as your comments can get. Thank you for your continued interest.