Wednesday, November 27, 2013

All I know is that Dad pay’s the bill’s and that he may negotieate something

God love Ashley for valiantly attempting to bring Ellen into the current century. I'm not sure she didn't know that Ellen is Ellen--think of her comment as a PSA, whether for the real person behind these post's or for the various Corporette readers who do in fact have this approach to marriage and finances for adulthood. I imageine there are even more than posts would attest.

I say if Vikram has seen a photo of Ellen there's no reason she hasn't seen one of him. Maybe he's doing Movember and that's why there's been such a delay in their meeting?

Yay! Splurge Monday! I love Splurge Monday, tho I would have to wear 2 CAMI’s with this one b/c as it is getting colder, Frank become’s more and more interested in finding any skin to look at and he is NOT seeing any boobie’s from me. I think Frank’s wife must also be sheildeing her boobie’s from him b/c it is so cold out so he is VERY interested and is even starteing to stare at Madeline, who is very chubby! FOOEY she say’s!
I had a fun weekend and got a new scanner for my home OFFICE. Dad came in and we walked with his new FITBIT. It is funny b/c we walked the same disteance, but he had less number of step’s then me. I think it is b/c he is taller then me, so he has LONGER step’s. I mabye will send a note to FITBIT and ask.
Myrna’s freind say’s that Vikram is VERY interested now that he saw a picture of me on Myrna’s I-Phone. I still do NOT know what he look’s like but he is a teck guy. I hope he is not sweaty like our teck guy. Dad keep’s mentioning David, but I told him he had his chance, but left me high and dry when Hurricane Sandy hit. I may date him again, but onley if the current guy’s all turn out to be looser’s! He goe’s to the back of the line. Dad is tryeing to get mom to exercize with her fitbit w/him; he say’s her tuchus get’s in the way when they are in the Kitchen together, but mom say’s he is grabbeing at it alot, so mabye that mean’s dad like’s her tuchus the way it is. He can NOT have it both way’s I told mom. But mom is very BUSY bakeing stuff for the holiday, and the plan is now for Grandma Leyeh to be picked up by Rosa and driven down to Mom&Dad’s house where we will all have Thank’sgiving dinner.
Mom has asked that I bring a bottel of wine with me. I have to figure out which goe’s with Turkey. I will go to Garnet liquor’s on the way to work, or mabye on the way back b/c I do NOT want anyone seeing me with a bottel at work. Frank would want to taste test it I think. FOOEY!
Fineally, the manageing partner just handed out packet’s for next year’s health insureance information. I have to give it to dad to read b/c it is way to complicated for me to figure out. All I know is that Dad pay’s the bill’s and that he may negotieate something so that the health benefit’s are covered by my Partnership agreement. Whatever. I realy do NOT have time to waste lookeing at this. Dad can do it, and once I am MARRIED, I will let my husband take care of this stuff. I work way to hard to have to waste alot of time thinkeing about all of this Obamacare and stuff. FOOEY! That is what men are here for. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ellen, darling, please for the love of Pete read “Prince Charming Isn’t Coming: How Women Get Smart About Money” by Barbara Stanny. She had the same financial philosophy as you do and ended up in the poor house before she wised up and started taking care of her own money.
  • You know this is satire, right?

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  1. I wonder what health plan Ellen is enrolling in? An HMO or a Pay For Service. Obamacare is a mess, and that means more money for less quality service. Lets hope Dad comes through for her.