Thursday, November 7, 2013

Word procesing is so great! YAY!

Once again, trying to crowdsource her work from anonymous fashion blog reader's. It usually works out, but thanks only to the Sunshine Girls (SSG and SSG2, as they sometimes identify themselves here). Not much else to say other than...if Vinnie is so interested why doesn't he do some of the online legeagle research for Ellen once in a while? 

Or mabye she is pregenant! YAY! I was IN NORDSTROM’s when I went up to see Rosa and she went to the OBGYN. They have alot of nice clothe’s!
The manageing partner brought in a new cleint (a big industrial company) and they have some foriegn tax issue’s that the manageing partner said we could research for them. Fortuneately, Madeline is our tax person, tho she usueally does Estate Tax stuff. She was a littel hesiteant to take on this project, but the manageing partner already comitted her and told the cleint that I would be helping out. So now I have to figure out something about the Foreign Tax Reporting Act and how a company with OVERSEAS branche’s has to get into complieance under US law and under the laws of where they have Branche’s, which are about 10 place’s. The manageing partner has asked that I look up some law firms in those places and bring them on with a subretainer agreement. I only have the retainer agreement that Roberta gave me, so I think I will just change the names, take out the reference to WC case’s and substitute Foreign Tax Reporting Act. Word procesing is so great! YAY!
Does anyone in the hive know about this new law and are there law firm memo’s I can copy about it? I do NOT want to look dumb so I am taking the lead so that Madeline will finaly respect me. YAY!!!!


  1. Ellen's slipping a little; I can't believe she spelled "overseas" correctly.

  2. We will have to figure out what law Ellen is referring to, and I would not trust Vinnie to provide meaningful advice. Vinnie thinks only through his privates, and taxation is not his specialty. We will try and figure out what law she is referring to and get back to you and her on this website and on Corporette in the hope she actually reads others' posts. We do not see any evidence of that here, though we recall she was interactive on the ABA website.

    1. Who is madeline?

    2. Visit my ca'st of characters! Yay!!!