Saturday, November 9, 2013


This may be our first ELLENWatch book recommendation (kicking off a nationwide surge of Ellen book clubs, inevitably). I had never heard of it, but it does sound Corporette-friendly. She's been known to paste in whole articel's so I do hope she manages to share passages and comments from this. 

As for all these men, I don't really know what to say either. Dim hopes all 'round, I'm afraid! Maybe she should just move in with Ed and Rosa, gain 40 pounds, and call it a life. If someone old and rich comes along, fine, but at least she could quit working and start playing mommy now rather than keep hoping the next oooogler might be her ticket out. 

Me too! Especialy b/c it it fruegal Friday’s and I LOVE fruegel friday’s! This is the perfect dress for me b/c Frank will NOT be abel to see my boobies also!
Is any one in the HIVE familiar with the book I am reading that my mom loaned me? It is called
I recomend it highly even tho I have NOT even read much of it. I will report back as I find good tidbit’s to share.
Willem called and wondered why we are NOT getting together this weekend. I told him that we did not make plans, silly. We are NOT dateing either, so I do NOT think it was even proper for him to think that he own’s me. I think he think’s b/c he invited me to go to BELGUM to meet his family that he can consider ME to be his girlfreind? I have NEVER even kissed him, and the onley thing he did (w/o my permission) was to rub my tuchus, and he said it was b/c there was a bug on my tuchus in the elevator. I never saw a bug, either. FOOEY!
And now Fred is goieng to find me a different show to go to. I told him no football. It is cold out and mabye a basketball game, but even there it is dumb, but that was with Willem. I am meeting the judge with the manageing partner for lunch today, so now I have to worry about that Micheal guy to! All of a sudden, there are so many men in my life! I wonder if it is all b/c of the fitbit and my smaller tuchus? Whatever!


  1. I'm better than everyone she's been seeing. She should stop reading books and let me take her out. After a weekend with me she will lose all this women's liberation talk and be looking forward each night to sharing my bed, with all of the rights and privileges attendant thereto.

    1. What rights and privileges? The right to pleasure you in your bed, or the privilege of having to do the walk of shame back home the next morning after sharing said bed? We certainly are not interested in either of the above.