Tuesday, November 5, 2013

He is hardley a banker, but he does want kid’s

Alright, I can't brag too much about making a prediction so obvious, but YAY!!! I correctly intuited that Rosa is pregnant with a third (wonder how intentional this was?) and congrats to the lovely sister and BIL. 

Not much to add about Fred, but I think in terms of ooogleing and bad smells we might be in for a real treat if Ellen switched metiers from the law to pet store management. Which it sounds like she'd be doing as Mrs. Fred. 

It might be easier to get ALL of your spare money, and put it into an account, then give Power of ATTORNEY over that account to some one that you TRUST to keep manageing it for you! In my case, it is my DAD, b/c he pays all of my bills. You sound alot like me; single, no morgage, no kid’s. If you trust your DAD, you can have him pay all your bills, and put you on a budget like my dad does. Also, you can have your dad make all your investement’s for you b/c he proababley know’s alot more about the STOCK market and the other market’s then you do. Dad also helps me manage my weight b/c he monitor’s my FITBIT usage from his computer. He know’s if I do NOT do enough steps, and he also know’s when I do the steps so I can NOT fool him. FOOEY!
Soon I am planning on finding a smart guy to marry and dad say’s he can then take all of that work off my dad’s plate b/c dad want’s to retire and not have to do all of this every day for me. Dad want’s me to find a guy like Ed (he does NOT know yet that Rosa is pregenent again!), but I am sure when he find’s out, he will be pusheing more for me to get married already, mabye to Fred, who he has NOT even met yet, but who Ed says is good enough for me. I do NOT take marrage lightly, so have to think about if I want to marry Fred and live in Westchester and manage a pet supply store.
What does the HIVE think? He is hardley a banker, but he does want kid’s and that is a good thing. My onley concern is that he probabley will want me to commute to Manhattan every day from PURDEY’S (up here somewhere) and that waste’s alot of time on the train and I can NOT use my fitbit on the train. FOOEY!

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  1. Poor Ellen. Her sister seems to have no trouble getting pregnant, but Ellen can't find a guy worth getting pregnant for. Why is there such a hit parade of losers in New York City. Where are the Eds of the world? We also want that home with a white picket fence in the suburbs, but all we have are slovenly partners who will not divorce their wives for us.