Sunday, November 17, 2013

I do NOT think I am unreasnoble

Again, Micheal is the judge's nephew, with whom Ellen has had one lackluster date. She did not mention the odor earlier, which is hard to explain since this is such an important issue for her. Anyway, it does sound like going to the judge's shindig (if not just dateing his kin) is a problem, but something tell's me she's going to do it anyway! When has MP's judgment ever been wrong?

Yay! I am back ONLINE again. Our whole server was out yesterday. The teck guy came by to try and figure OUT what was going on, and he spent alot of time under my desk and under Frank’s desk. I did NOT want to sit there while he was checkeing the wire’s out and lookeing up my skirt, so I went to the NY Public library b/c our conference room was busy. FOOEY! There are alot of strange peeople in the library also.
As for this OP, doubel hug’s to you. Workeing can be very stressful, especialy if you are workeing with jerk’s. But hang in there b/c it sound’s like it can ONLEY get better. Just do NOT give up and let these looser’s get to you. That is how I perservered and became a sucess in the legal field. I can ONLEY hope my personal life get’s as good.
The manageing partner told me I have to go with him to the Judge’s home for a private party
next week. I think Micheal will be there, but am concerned that b/c we have case’s pending before the judge that it could be an ETHICS issue if we go to a party “EX PARTE”? What does the HIVE THINK ABOUT THIS? We were invited, but do we have to tell anyone like the ETHICS BOARD? I do NOT want to jepardise my law license by goieng to a party with the judge b/c the manageing partner want’s me to meet Micheal again. Micheal is catereing it from his deli so it won’t be that FANCY SCHMANCEY. The party is in the judge’s brownstone home so I do not even know if that is better or worse for us. Mabye no one will even know–that is what the manageing partner says, but I am not that crazy about Micheal. He seems nice enough, but he smell’s like GARLIC. FOOEY! I could NOT sleep all night with a guy who was burpeing up garlic, and I do NOT think I am unreasnoble about that.
Anyway, it’s great to be back and I want to catch up later on a great articel which prove’s what I have been saying about men. They just burp and roll over rather than being a partner. FOOEY on men like this!
THE HIVE SHOULD Read this articel from the NY Times that I read yesterday in the library. It is titled, “IN HOOKUP’s, Inequality Still Reigns” FOOEY on MEN like this. FOOEY!

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  1. I love the article, and would ensure that Ellen has great orgasms, even if I have to do things I would not already do for women. As for Mr. Garlic, at least we can write him off. I smell good, so she will definitely like me. And I would not have to look up her skirt because I am sure she'd take it off for me.