Sunday, November 17, 2013

MOM said don’t ASK.

Delayed effect's from the Eastern European visitors continue, it would seem. Recall that Igor and Oleg are suspected of raiding Ellen's underthings and making off with some of her scrunchies as well. 

Meanwhile we see some enthusiasm about Fred (BIL Ed's friend from Long Island). Note that his coming by the office probabley means meeting MP, getting the up-and-down from Madeline, and maybe even running into Sam. 

I do NOT know about shoe tree’s, but my housekeeper take’s my shoe’s to the local cobbler and he put’s MINK OIL on them for the winter, and he make’s sure that they are in good shape. I just got a NEW pair of Black Ann Klein pump’s b/c somehow I lost my left shoe. I had not needed them for a while and now mom think’s that Igor might have it! I said to MOM, what in the WORLD would he do with ONE shoe? MOM said don’t ASK. Now I think that mabye Igor could be a littel wierd, but I can NOT say this in front of Grandma Leyeh.
Fred has a meeting in NY City next week with a supplier from China, so he will be comeing by to see me at work! YAY! I want to keep Fred away from Frank b/c I do NOT want Fred pickeing up any of Frank’s habits. FOOEY!

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  1. Those strange rangers from Budapest -- not sure I want in on the full family benefits. I'll take Ellen for a couple of weeks, but I really think I would go nuts with those characters. I'll bet they steal men's underwear too. Maybe Ellenwatch, you can set these relatives up with the Sunshine Girls. None of them have seen any action for years, and I'll bet these two losers could still perform good enough in the sack for those hags.