Tuesday, November 5, 2013

bug’s and other GNAT’s and worm’s

Why is Myrna pushing marriage when she herself is obviously so happy to be single? Anyway, certainly no room for debate that 26 mile's would have looked good on Ellen's fitbit log. Dad being alerted to her habit of lending it out, though? Not worth it. I say stick with times that Myrna is walkeing a freind's dog or something. 

Yay! I love this COLOR BLOCK dress. I will go look at it at Bloomie’s, b/c I need to get a new pair of Winter Boot’s before it get’s to cold. I am thinkeing of UGG Boot’s b/c they are very warm and my old pair got destroyed by the NYC Salt on the street’s and side walk’s. FOOEY!
As for the OP, yes, if you have house plant’s and you left them OUT for the summer, if you bring them in, the bug’s and other GNAT’s and worm’s all come in with them. Rosa had this probelem. She had put them out for the summer in Chapaqua, and there are alot of bug’s around and when she brought them back in, the bug’s are now flyeing in the house. FOOEY! So she had the housekeeper get rid of them!
Ed called me at work to tell me that FRED want’s to come into the city to see a show and what do I recomend? I told him I have NOT been to a show on Broadway in a long time, but that I heard from Margie that Lion King was good. So Ed is calleing Fred to tell him about that. If Fred come’s into the city, that will be alot easier for me b/c it is a long ride on the train to Chapaqua, or to his house wherever that is, and I would NOT want to go to his house right away, unless we are dateing. So for the time being, he is goieng to have to come to the city, and meet me here. Ed say’s Fred work’s on Saturday, so he will have to come on Sunday then. I hope he turn’s out OK, but he does NOT do alot of talkeing. I hope he does NOT think I am a chatterbox, b/c I have to do all the talkeing when all he does is look at me.
I would love to hear the hive’s expereince with men who run pet supply store’s. Myrna think’s they must be great guy’s b/c they know all about feeding animal’s and fish. Myrna also wan’t's me to get MARRIED! She finished the Marathon in less then 3 hour’s! She is so healthy, I should have loaned her my fitbit. FOOEY!


  1. A marathon in under three hours? Perhaps Myrna is more similar to Paul Ryan than we may have believed? I checked this website, and did not see Myrna clocking in under three minutes. http://www.flotrack.org/coverage/250963-New-York-City-Marathon-2013/article/22961-RESULTS-ING-New-York-City-Marathon-2013

    1. Right you are--Ctrl+F for Myrna turns up nothing. Then again, I can't find Ellen listed as a NY state bar admit either, so we may already have known that they exist in an alternate reality.

      Can you say more about the Paul Ryan analogy?

  2. Myrna must be very cute. Otherwise she would not be able to run so well. I am not thinking that this guy Fred is going to be "the one" because he sounds a bit of a dullard, kind of like Mr. Kutza. Women want a guy who can do more than grunt in bed.