Saturday, November 2, 2013

strutting around like a PEECOCK

Ellen showing even deeper investment in MP's new look than I had expected. It's almost sweet, that the utterly dysfunctional enmeshment in non-work life goes both ways with these two when allowed. 

Meanwhile the date with Fred just upped stakes a bit: no buffer person, and as far as we know they have never even met before. Given that the last guy Ed recommended for Ellen (Philip) turned out to be taken (but up for cheating), she's going out on a bit of a limb here...

I would go to Brook’s Brother’s. There suit’s are the best. The manageing partner’s suit came back and he is wearing it today. He actually look’s more SVELTE in it and the tuchus looks great, not like his other’s which are all worn thru. I think he asked for a DOUBLE seat b/c he does NOT wear a coat on the LIRR, and he rub’s his seat alot. Also, he also does alot of scratcheing, if you know what I am saying, and that causes his suit to wear right in the tuchus. Also, the old ones are realy old (with doubel vent’s), and that is a real FOOEY after he get’s up from his chair. I told him he look’s great and he is strutting around like a PEECOCK! YAY! Now Margie can spend some money b/c she need’s to match him when they go out. Margie is very happy that I got the manageing partner into a new suit. YAY!!!!!
I am goieng to meet Fred alone b/c Myrna is in the Marathon. I forgot. FOOEY! I can onley be in one place at a time and I must be with my sister, b/c she is not feeling well. FOOEY!


  1. But what about me? I have been waiting for 1 chance, but you and my slippery associates have been bad mouthing me. I am working on a Saturday morning with none of them here. Why can't you finally endorse me and set me up with Ellen already? She's not going to be hot and worth it after all of these other guys get her. I'm tired of waiting!!!!!

  2. Keep dreaming. You will work every weekend so if we have anything to say, you will never have the chance to access Ellen's nether regions!