Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I have to FOCUS my expertize

If Dad has patronizing opinion's about Corporette readers, does this mean he reads it???????? If so, I say we're just one step away from his having visited ELLENWatch once or twize, and I sure hope he has just to witness my erudite articulations of hatred for him. You're welcome to comment, even, Mr. Barshevsky, as long as you don't send me a bill for it. FOOEY ON YOU.

Meanwhile, the double date with Vikram apparently took place last night. Ellen's report should go up any minute now...

Yay! Congratulation’s! You see, we WOMEN can suceed in Business! The manageing partner recognises that women are an ASSET so he take’s care of us also. Doubel Yay!
I emailed my dad the Obamacare benefit’s stuff, and dad told me to stay with my current plan b/c it is the best. But b/c it is also the most expensive (in term’s of copay’s and dedeacutable’s), dad is thinkeing that mabye I should put MORE money into my Health Account b/c that money is tax dedeacutable and I need more dedeactuion’s, but I would HAVE to use it or loose it!
What is the HIVE doing on Obamacare? I told Dad I would ask the hive, and he laughed b/c he does NOT think the hive knows much about economic’s. FOOEY on him! Just b/c I delagate to him does NOT mean that we, as WOMEN, all have to do this. I delagate b/c I have to FOCUS my expertize on the law, b/c I am an attorney in GOOD standing in the court’s of the State of New York, and I will leave it to HIM to figure out what is best for me economiclly.
Dad is the one with an MBA, not me, tho Dad and the manageing partner now BOTH think that I should go back and get my MBA part time from NYU or Columbia University. I realy do NOT want to sit in a class, but since the manageing partner is willing to pay 100% of my tuition and book’s and give me “resonable time off” to study, dad is pusheing for me to reconsider. I found out that I would STILL have to take a test to get in, and I hate those test’s b/c every time I ever took one, the PROCTOR alway’s was stareing at me, so I could NOT concentrate!
I also remember when I took the Bar exam along time ago that the proctor had very clammy hands, b/c he took my paper at the end then asked me if I was MARRIED. I told him no and he said that mabye we should go out, but I told him that I did NOT want to date the proctor’s. FOOEY!
Myrna is now goieng to meet me and her freind and Vikram tonite for drink’s. I hope he does NOT have sweaty hand’s either. DOUBEL FOOEY!


  1. Maybe Ellen should get an MBA. If she does, she can get rid of Dad without having to find another man to manage her finances.

    How about it, Ellenwatch? Can you help get Ellen situated with her GMATs?

    1. Not sure an MBA is the right thing for Ellen. She's too good a lawyer to go back to school now.