Saturday, November 9, 2013

I will NOT compremize

Though heckled by Vinnie, Ellen once again make's her position clear. Anyone else on Corporette who has a brother, take heed. 

Yay! Open thread’s! I love Open Thread’s! And the 3 day weekend, tho I am comeing into work to catch up on by billeing’s so that I can get my $10,000 bonus dad negoeatied for me!
As for the OP I am not sure of your billeing rate, but it sound’s to compleicated to bill at $100-150 hour. The manageing partner bill’s me out at $650/hour, and then he put’s his own ADDER on my bill for his review, which is at $1000 per hour, so every hour we BOTH bill a cleint, the firm make’s $1,650/hour! YAY! But some times, the cleint ask’s me what the manageing partner is doing b/c they NEVER see or hear anything about or FROM him. I tell him he MUST audit my work per NYSBA rule’s, tho I am not sure if there even is a NYSBA rule on this (he said there was, so that is what I tell them) Once in a while, they call him, and he expelain’s it to them, and then bills them for $1000 to expelain it to them.
Roberta was the first to question him, but she stopped b/c she realy like’s me and my work, tho she is NOT crazy about the manageing partner. I am goieng with Myrna to see a freind of her’s this weekend in the Hamton’s. We are stayeing at his place, but I was told to bring warm clotheing b/c it is on the beach and there is not good heateing out there. FOOEY! I do NOT want to freeze my tuchus off out there, but Myrna say’s we will be fine.
Dad called to tell me I should be getting busy with Fred already b/c Ed called and wondered why I have no plan’s with Fred yet. I told dad that I was NOT sure about Fred b/c he will make me work after I have a baby. He said the onley one haveing a baby now is Rosa (#3) and I have NOT even got out of the starteing gate with #1 and I am OLDER then her. I said FOOEY b/c I am a professional, who COULD have been a housewife, but I never found a guy who was SMART enough for me. He said that at THIS POINT, any guy willeing to marry me and put up with me should be good enough. I think he was the one who told ED that. FOOEY! I will NOT compremize on a guy. I know I could get alot of guys, but they all just want to have sex with me, burp, and roll over to sleep. DOUBEL FOOEY ON THAT!!! I need a guy who will respect me and who is smart, and who earns alot of money and who will NOT just want sex and to burp and roll over in bed. I had that with Alan. TRIPEL FOOEY!
Can the HIVE find me a DECENT man? I will consider any reaseaonable offer. HELP!!!!!


  1. I'm not he melting but trying to alert her that I don't want to go where too many guys have previously been. Ellen is a keeper and if there is too much activity with others "south of the equator" this boy's going to have to find an innocent to pleasure.

  2. No one is interested in having you go there, nor for that matter do we have any interest in you bedding any of us!

    1. Agree. I can't imagine anything worse than going out on a date with VJK, and waking up to find him on top of me. UGH!