Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Why do thing’s have to be so difficult?

Well, we already knew Willem was a creeper, but this is a step beyond. Recall that his parent's are in BELGUM and he already tried to bring Ellen there to introduce her. Now the incriminating photos/anecdotes, and next thing we know she's cornered into marrying him just to save her cross-Atlantic reputation. 

Reasons for colleague Madeline's inferiority now include fatness and a lack of clothing allowance from MP. I'm pretty sure she's also an old, hairy spinster--though Ellen's days of being abel to lord that over anyone are certainly numbered. 

I love this Scarf, Kat, and just read that it is made out of a fabric blend that includes wool, angora and cashmere. I LOVE Cashmere. I asked the manageing partner if he will reimburse for a SCARF and he said ONLEY if I wear it INSIDE THE OFFICE, at depo’s and in court. I am NOT sure if this is goieng to be to warm to wear inside, particulearley b/c it is so HOT in our office and I was planning and wearing it TO AND FROM work with my down jacket and FITBIT!
Why do thing’s have to be so difficult? He said that Madeline was getting testy b/c onley I get an allowance, but I reminded him that Madeline does NOT go into court and sit’s on her tuchus all day reading tax book’s! He agreed, and said that he WOULD reimburse, but NOT to tell Madeline. YAY!!!!!!
Willem is stopping by today (I did NOT invite him) b/c he want’s to take a picuture of me to send home to his mom and dad. I said why would they need that, and he said that they wanted to see what his girlfreind looked like. I said I am NOT his girlfreind just b/c we went to the Barclay’s center, and he said that his parent’s think I am his girlfreind b/c I was out with him after midnight, and in their world, a girl that stay’s out after midnight with a guy who is NOT married is either a girlfreind or a harlot. I d id NOT even know what a harlot was until I looked it up. FOOEY! I am NOT a harlot, but I also am not a girlfreind. I think they think that I am doeing alot of sexueal things with Willem that I am NOT doeing. DOUBEL FOOEY. I think when he show’s up that I will NOT let him take my picture unless he explain’s to mom and dad that we have NOT been sexeual, even the night of the Barcleay’s Center! FOOEY!

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  1. We are just getting to Willem again, and we really think he is a jerk. Just because he took Ellen out to eat and to a game does not give him license to tell his family he is boffing her. Thank goodness Ellen knows not to let him do anything to her either. She's a smart cookie!