Thursday, November 7, 2013

over $600 for boxes of those chewey treat’s

Interest in Fred seems to be growing, though without obvious cause. Inertia/default? Willem and Sam have sure been quiet over the past few day's...

Yay! I love this dress, and this is the first time I can NOT buy it b/c they onley have size 4 and up. Who knew that my tuchus would be to small for these sizes!
As for the OP, who knew that dog’s can be so compleicated. I agree with the other poster’s that you should seek out professional pet help. They probably know alot more about it then we do. Fred left a message and I have to call him back. I will see if he know’s anything about this b/c he run’s a PET SUPPLY store. He was telling me the other day that dog’s can get very sick if they eat some kind of chewey treat’s that he had imported from China, so he stopped selling those treat’s. He also said that he had paid over $600 for boxes of those chewey treat’s and that he was trying to get his money back from the import/export guy (who was Chinese). When he told him he wanted to return the treat’s, the import/export guy said NO. NO RETURNS! Now Fred is out alot of money, and he will probabely have to throw those chewey treat’s out b/c they are NOT good for dog’s. Who knew!
The manageing partner is goeing to meet with the judge for lunch this week and he want’s me to come with him. That is fine, but I am afraid he will bring up his deli releative, and we did not realy hit it off. Beside’s, I am a Manhattan girl at heart, and I am having more then a littel concern about Fred, now that I am thinkeing about it, being up in Purdey’s. FOOEY!

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  1. It is great that Ellen has slimmed down and is religous about continuing her pursuit of a size 0. We also suffer from flat tucheses because this is all we do--sit all day and research for our partners. But at least we are making money, as is Ellen. Our preliminary read on Fred is negative. Why in the world would she want to marry a guy in the boonies, then have to continue working. We can understand marrying a hedge fund guy from Greenwich or thereabouts, but a feed store clerk who will make her work after she has their children? Double NYET from us!