Sunday, November 17, 2013

you would think that the horseback riding would kind of keep thing’s in place

New guy on the scene: Vikram. We don't know much about Myrna's type, but she seem's a lot more selective than Ellen, so if he's a friend of Myrna's love interest I am at least lukewarm on the idea. But Author, let's not make this another opportunity for racial or xenophobic stereotypes, ok? 

Meanwhile, family medical challenges below the belt have now been added to our menu of overshares. If the patient in question were anyone but Dad, I'd almost have sympathy, but as it is I hope Ellen sets up online monitoring of his bowel activity and starts placing automatic stops, or making harassing phone calls, whenever she doesn't like what she see's. 

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s!!!! I LOVE FRUEGEL FRIDAY’s and this color block dress! Thank’s to Kat for teaching me what a color block dress is! I love this one, but like the OP, my Dad has put me on a shoppeing ban until AFTER BLACK FRIDAY! FOOEY! b/c there are alot of sale’s goeing on in the City now, and he has put a credit card block on my Amex and Visa card’s. That mean’s the onley way I can shop is with CASH, but he sees my debit card activity EVERY day sent to him by JP Morgan Chase Bank. DOUBEL FOOEY!
Myrna asked if we can go on a doubel date sometime next week. She met this guy at the NY Marathon, and he is very atheletic. I don’t remember his name, but this guy has a freind, Vikram, who also is a runner who want’s to meet me! Vikram come’s from SRI LANKA, which is in Asia, and he work’s for a Wall Street firm and he does computer programming. I hope he is not like our teck guy, who sweat’s alot and like’s to stare at me. FOOEY! But I will meet Vikram b/c Myrna thinks he has potential for me. We will see each other this weekend and I will get more information.
In the mean time, Fred is goieng to take me out to an ITALIAN restrunt, and Micheal called about bringeing in some food from his DELI. To bad he does not run the 2nd Avenue Deli or I would probabley marry him! Oh well, b/c the guy’s workeing there are freindly to me and I would not want to see them DISPLACED were Micheal to buy the place.
Dad had to go to his INTERNIST yesterday b/c of another IBS issue. Mom say’s it is b/c he exersizes to much and his tuchus is sensitive from all the horseback riding he does now that his day’s are free. If anything you would think that the horseback riding would kind of keep thing’s in place, but evidenteley not. Dad says that he is goieng to get his own FITBIT and start walkeing if the horseback riding is making the IBS worse. With all the ribbeing Dad give’s mom about her tuchus, mom say’s it is ironick that Dad’s tuchus is causeing all of these probelem’s!!!
Anyway, I have to figure out how to handel Micheal and the Judge. I think I will get Myrna’s opinion tomorrow! Have a great weekend everyone in the HIVE! YAY!

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  1. Why do I have to compete with some dick named Fred and a guy from the third world? Why can't a good old fashioned American citizen with a law degree get a shot at Ellen? Why cant you, Ellenwatch, put in a good word for me. We have IBS running in my family (tho I am free of it), so we have more than carnal desire in common. If I meet the old man and charm him, perhaps he will make Ellen date me. Do you have a line on the old man? Where do they live? They are not in the book.