Wednesday, November 27, 2013

but alway’s p’ostponed it

Aye, the random ap'ostrophes just keep getting ramdomer. More ranting about Alan and his reckless bodily functions, and though she did indeed meet Vikram last night it sounds like he's just going to turn into another oddity in her collection of overzealous, gropey foreigners (Gonzalo/Ecuador, Sam/UK, Willem/Belgum, and now Vikram/Sri Lanka). 

Yay! I am comeing to this post late, so alot of the hive has already comented about moving in with a boyfreind. I will try to be CONCISE about my thought’s on this issue, b/c I had do deal with this.
Yes, I agree that FINANCE’S must be discused right away. B/c I had money comeing in from dad, I alway’s had my own place, but Alan kind of moved in after a while b/c he knew he had a place to sleep and get his dirty laundry cleaned by my housekeeper (dad paying of course), and also he ALWAYS knew where the food was in the refregierator that my housekeeper stocked (and dad paid for), and even the wine and beer, also stocked by my housekeeper but dad paid for. In short, he had a place to eat and poop that was covered by me and dad, and all he had to do is NOTHING but drink. FOOEY on THAT.
The next thing I had to come to grip’s with was the MARRAGE thing. Alan knew I wanted to be MARRIED, but alway’s p’ostponed it, saying it was for later, and b/c we got along sexueally, that should be good enough for now. He also knew I wanted kid’s, but was very carful NOT to have risky sex with me. I finaly learned that the onley way to get men to pay attention is NOT to give away the cow for free, even though the milk was also availabel. My freind’s told me to avoid haveing sex and that will get attention from men who will then start doeing rather then talkeing. Alan was to drunk most of the time to care. FOOEY on that.
Once money and sex is figured out, you then have to make sure you can realy live with a guy 24/7. Most guy’s are OK for an hour or 2, but do you realy want them around 24/7, stinkeing up the toilet (or the living room–which is worse) and burpeing while you are trying to watch TV? If the answer is NO, then do NOT moove in with him.
It is hard to judge, but try and go on a vacation with him somewhere first, where you will be with him for 3 day’s or so. Some of his worst trate’s will come out and you can determine wether it is goieng to be worth it to have him eateing, sleepeing, burpeing and farteing up your bed 24/7 if he move’s in with you. It is a tough decision and that is why dad wanted Alan NOT to take up with me full time unless we were MARRIED. Dad was right.
I did meet Vikram yesterday, BTW, and he was different. I had a littel troubel understanding what he was saying, but he has family back home that he send’s money to. He is nice enough, and he said we were compateble b/c of when I was born and him, and we could have many children together. I hardley know him and already he has me bearing his children? This may be a culture thing, Myrna says, because her freind never said to HER that he wanted her to bear him children. He is also from somewhere over seas. I will have to check with her where Olak’s family is from, but I think somewhere in Europe or sSouth America. Where are the NORMAL guy’s from the East Coast of USA? Are there any left who are eligibel and willing to MARRY and support me? DOUBEL FOOEY!
I am goeing home soon to make Yam Stuffing for mom’s feast tomorrow. I hope it turn’s out good. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ellen needs a nice fella who is able to put it to her 2x a day. That should calm her down so that she can function at work and also have something to look forward to when she gets home.

    1. Excuse me? "Put it to her"? What in the world is this jerk thinking, that Ellen is hysterical and needs to be calmed down by taking some sloppy man's private parts twice a day? Not a chance, we say. Slimey men are hardly the proper tool for this purpose. If this is what we need, we can get it much easier from Babeland.

    2. Agree with this. There are plenty of ways to "calm down" which does not require the use of a man's privates. As Ellen would say, Fooey!