Saturday, November 23, 2013

as smart and as shreud and as cunning

Alternative misspelling of "shrewd" here

The manageing partner has been buggeing me for a while to hire an assistaent to help me with all of the pleeading’s that I do as well as to be a field investigeator for me to take picture’s of peoople who are claiming to be disabled and collect Workers Comp, but who are abel to do alot of thing’s. I caught a guy putteing shingel’s on his roof when he said he could NOT get out of bed. When I showed that picture to the JUDGE, the JUDGE dismissed his case with PREJUDICE!!!! YAY! The judge say’s I am a black belt b/c of these kind of thing’s so I am very worried if I delegeate it to someone else that they will NOT be as smart and as shreud and as cunning as I am in getting this kind of evideance for litieagation!!!!
So for the time being, I am both a lawyer and the firm’s WC investieagator. I bill for both, so that help’s keep my hours up. I get the same rate for both jobs, so the manageing partner is NOT that much in a hurry to replace me with someone at half the hourley billiengs. YAY!!!!!

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  1. If Ellen is too cunning, she will be without male attention, as most men want women who are seen and not heard.