Wednesday, November 13, 2013

who will NOT get SLOVENELY

The transition from lofty long-term career goals to exclusive focus on SAHM-dom appear's to be complete. The NY Bar will miss her, most assuredly--but maybe she'll have time to post even more often! 

He need’s to start eating healthy, and to exercise ALOT using a FITBIT. You are very lucky to have a husband who will listen to you. Many men think that once they are married, we just have to cook for them and they can get FAT. FOOEY on that. I want a guy who will NOT get SLOVENELY once we are married. I had a guy (Alan) who was getting very SLOPPY even before we were married. DOUBEL FOOEY!
There are alot of guys who think that we will be happy as long as they are provdeing for us. While it is true that I want a guy to provide for me (and our children, b/c I realy do NOT want to work), we also need fulfilment, which can take the form of a job of our choice, even if it is NOT fulltime and even if it is NOT goieng to bring in money. It can also take the form of volunter work, or just workeing out with others at the gym, which is what ROSA does.
I agree we should remain svelte for our husband’s if we do not want them to get fat, but they need to know that we may have to pack on alot of weight if we are to bear children. My mother told me she NEVER had a tuchus until AFTER she got pregnant with ME, and then ROSA, and once this was over, she could NEVER get rid to the tuchus b/c she was kept so busy takeing care of us.
So I would be very careful in cookeing for your husband, and do NOT let him eat out b/c they put alot of sugar and salt in their food’s. You do NOT want him getting fat from prepared food’s either. My dad INSISTS that mom make EVERYTHING from scratch — not even a cake mix. So this way, Dad stay’s svelte even if he eat’s alot. He onley take’s mom out to eat a restrunt’s that serve organic and she has a STRICT calorie count. But he doe’s too, so he is not unreasoneable.
YOU are so lucky to be MARRIED. I want to be married too! Hopefully one of my men will turn into a prince rather then a FROG. YAY!!!!!!


  1. Poor Ellen needs a man to marry her first! Go Ellen but don't "settel"!!!!

    1. There are no worthy men in her life; at least none that she's told us about. Alan must have came close, but fell down hard once he started to hit the bottle.

    2. Ellen may not get slovenly, but WTH is going on with Ellenwatch? No entries for days, resulting in abbreviated (if any) commentary when she finally puts her poop chute in her computer chair to enlighten us! C'mon already��. We want to come here to read Ellen, not Corporette!

    3. Give Ellenwatch a break. She was probably getting it on the side for those days where we saw nothing. But now, energized, she is back, with some pretty good posts. I am praying Ellenwatch puts in a good word for me with Ellen because I would like to get it on the side (and the back) from Ellen, that is, if the pigs I work with (aka Sunshine Girls) don't derail my amorous but very well meaning intentions.