Sunday, November 17, 2013

have to WORK with alot of JERK’s

Slight correction, Tapas Queen: Ellen is not yet partner, but rather is in some indefinite on-deck period involving contract negotiations between her boss and her father. The deal was supposed to seal at the end of 2013, so celebration could be in order soon...but so could fooeying. MP is far from a straight shooter, and the firm is probably insolvent and mired in a bunch of ethics violations. (But who asked me, I know.) 

Yay! Open thread’s!!!! I love open thread’s!
I agree with Hollis! Do NOT give up so fast! You went to law school for 3 years and took the bar (which I hope you passed). Just like you have to kiss alot of frog’s before you meet your prince (I am still kissing away), you will have to WORK with alot of JERK’s in different legal area’s before you find your NITCH.
I remember my first law job where all I saw was this guy yelling out numbers, where he was RANKEING women 1-10 that were passing on the street in DC. FOOEY b/c he was a looser who was probabley not even a 2 himself.
Then I had a job where I was serveing subpeeenea’s and the guy who ran the busness just wanted to have sex with me! DOUBEL FOOEY!
There were other looser job’s, but then I met the manageing partner and this one has worked out for me. I went from being where you were to where I am now. A sucesful litieagator in the Court’s of the State of New York (trial and apellate), and a partner at a nice Booteak firm speacializing in Workers Compensation!
So dont give up; mabye look for another place if you have to but remember you are a strong woman not about to let men push you around, either at work or in your personal life. YAY!!!!!!
I am getting to be leaveing early today b/c I already billed 125 hour’s for this week, so the manageing partner said I could take the last 2 hour’s off! DOUBEL YAY!
  • Tapas Queen :
    She’s billed 125 hours this week? Ellen really is a vunderkind. It’s no wonder that she’s made partner at such a tender age!


  1. Let's not forget that the firm has some creative billing practices (something like X6 actual worked time, plus meals and such)... With this math, I worked 40 hours today already!

    1. Thank you for this contribution, Gauss. Please keep it coming.

  2. If Ellen becomes a partner, I am not sure I would want her giving up her job. Particularly if she is getting away with those kind of billing hours, we could do quite well together, and when she gets home after a hard day's billing, I'd do my best to relieve any tension she has in her loins. That's the least I can do if she's bringing home all that snatch! Of course, the Sunshine Girls (a euphemism for the 3 hags who work here) will make life difficult for me if I ever get to Ellen.