Wednesday, November 13, 2013

says that we are free to be women

Are we? What a relief! If you missed it, here's Ellen's initial endorsement of the book. Not sure why, out of every publication in the universe, she chose to apply her ability to read to this (and evidently nothing else), but we'll take it? 

In addition to loveing BOOKAY, I absolutely must point out the potentially catastrophic consciousness-raising to which Paragraph 7, highlighted below, attests. If Mom and Ellen join in a feminist rebellion from Mr. Barshevsky, the term "game changer" will truly apply, as it does in so few instances. We might also be lookeing at preparation to comply with readers' wishes as per my Poll #3: that Ellen finally throws off the yoke and gets a life. Baited breath, as always...

Yay! I LOVE this pencil SKIRT, Kat! And I am finaly back in the office! Super Yay!
As for the OP, I have alway’s been a bridesmaid, but NEVER maid of honor. That is OK, b/c I hope to be a BRIDE, and will not have to stand up and catch the bookay any more. FOOEY!
I promised the hive I would get their opinion’s on this quote from the book I am reading from Jean Jack Rousseau. He wrote:
“Women is made specially to please man. Therefore, the whole education of women ought to relate to men. To please men, to be useful to them, to make herself loved and honored by them..these are the duties of women ata ll times, and they ought to be taught from childhood”. FOOEY!
And the book also says a 1912 book “warns girls to put away the trigonometry and do some needlework”. DOUBEL FOOEY!
How do peeople come off trying to say and do these things? We are women and we are EMPOWERED. FOOEY on dooshey men that want to keep us pregenant and in the kitchen. That is old stuff. We have power to be ourselve’s and we should NOT let men think we are beholden to them. The book I am reading says that we are free to be women and should NEVER let men think they are better then us.
The book is titled “Wonder Women: Sex, Power and the Quest for Perfection” by Debora L. Spar. My mom gave it to me and I like it. She say’s she is learning a lesson that she will start to apply to Dad, who has alway’s kept her down. I love dad, but he is a controlling jerk sometimes, b/c he tells mom EXACTELY what to think on every issue and exactley what to make for every dinner, down to the desert. FOOEY! Dad has to join the 21st century where we women are NOT to be thought of as porcelain dolls. TRIPEL FOOEY!
OMG, Willem is back texteing and I now have to deal with him this week a long with FRED!


  1. Does this mean Ellen will shed her chastity belt? I hope not!

    1. She should not sleep with or be intimate with any man unless that man is fully and financially able and willing to maintain her in the lifestyle to which she has been accustomed.