Monday, November 18, 2013

I am singing the same tune.

Continuing to drool over Pitt in LOTF is such perfect Ellen 90s retro, right along with the scrunchies and (presumably) the puffy white walking shoes she wears for commuting.  Meanwhile, see bottom to confirm that she didn't have a piece (or a few) of pecan pie; she had the whole thing--after "starving" for the weekend. In case anyone out there uses Ellen as a wellness/self-care role model, please stop now. I won't bother with the more obvious concern because few people think Ellen is the type of entity to have a metabolism. Or, at least, the one she tell's us about.

Yay! Pricey Monday! I could use a sandwich, b/c all weekend I starved myself to keep my tuchus in shape. Dad called to say that he has sent away for his own FITBIT, and will be comeing into NYC to walk with me on weekend’s! YAY! His internist say’s he should stop with the horseback riding b/c he is NOT a Brad Pit any more. OMG, I still get woozey when I think of Brad Pit from the movie “Legend’s of the Fall”
As for the OP, I am singing the same tune. Alot of my freind’s from college are married (one even divorced already), and even some of the law school peeople (not freind’s) married within the class, and we do NOT have much in common b/c they talk about thing’s that I am NOT interested in.
I prefer Myrna b/c she is young and single like me and we have alot of fun together and she has a VERY funny and biteing sense of humor. She has NO troubel attracting guy’s and as a matter of fact, she arranged a doubel date for us this week with a guy named Vikram who works for a Bank in Computer programing. I love banker’s but I am not sure what a programer does at a Bank. I will find out soon enough b/c her freind is his freind and I get to pick where we go out to eat! YAY!!!!
Roberta invited me to their Thanksgiving dinner, b/c her son from Philladelphia will be there. I told her I usueally go to my Grandma Leyeh’s (which is also in the Bronx), so mabye I could at least swing by for desert afterward and meet her son. She seemed happy to hear that b/c her son is lookeing for a nice girl (meaning ME!). I did not mention Vikram or Fred or Micheal, or Willem or even Sam who I have to juggel to find the right one, but so far, I have not been thrilled enough to lose my baleance for any of them. Now if Brad Pit stopped by, that would be another thing, even tho I read he is 50 year’s old! FOOEY! That is way to old for me I guess, but it doesn’t stop me from day dreameing about him. DOUBEL FOOEY b/c he is still better then these other guy’s who do NOT take me serious!
I ate a Pecan Pie yesterday with Myrna and have to work it off at lunch today. I think I will walk all the way up to Grand Central, over to Time Square and then back down to Macy’s and then back over here. It will cut into my billiengs b/c that will take an hour, but mabye I can make a call or 2 while walkeing and then I will be abel to still keep up with my billeing’s! YAY!!!!

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  1. Look, this woman is exactly what I want. Not that smart, but very good looking. I can only hope she would not talk that much, as I would keep her very busy. If she keeps up with the exercise, that is fine by me. I don't want her porking out if I wind up marrying her, but for now, I think I just want to see if we are compatible in the sack.