Saturday, November 9, 2013

down to size 0, even with a tuchus

Ellen's maternal grandmother identified for the first time. Welcome, Bubba Sadie, though perhaps posthumously (?) 

Below note that the Sunshine Girls are eager to do unpaid research for their internet icon. Yet she doesn't even have time to give them instruction's? Ah well...something tells me they're going to call it even in the end anyway (due to being the same person). 

I personaly am not the best host for a big cooking event. That is why I usueally defer to mom, and invite my freind’s over to mom&dad for holiday’s b/c mom is a great cook. In fact, that is why Dad say’s he married mom. Acording to mom, dad was a skinny littel wretch who needed more then a GOOD meal, and she (and her mom, Bubba Sadie) fed him alot of food when he was home on leave from the miliatary. So when he had to go back on active duty and eat miliatary food, Dad was NOT a happy dude. So the first thing dad did, (all according to MOM) when he was discharged was to go to Bubba Sadie and tell her that if she could guarantey that Mom would be abel to cook like her, that dad would MARRY mom and insure she would NEVER have to work again.
So Bubba Sadie got mom all taught on fine cuisne and when Dad got home from his first civilan assignment in DC, mom cooked him a great meal (which Bubba Sadie helped behind the scene), and dad was HOOKED! YAY MOM! (and I am the PRODUCT OF ALL THAT! DOUBEL YAY!
Now it is over 35 year’s later and dad is still eateing great, tho he blame’s the cookeing for mom’s large tuchus. Dad also is not the skinniest, but he work’s out all the time and pride’s himself in being in better shape then he was in the miliatary! For some reason, I inherited mom’s tuchus, and dad is alway’s telling me that I need to exercise to get rid of my tuchus, but I am now at size 2, and hopeing to get down to size 0, even with a tuchus!
So I will need to learn cookeing, if I am to attract a guy like dad, but I do NOT want to have to do both cookeing and workeing if I get MARRIED. I am wondering if FRED will realy want me to do both! FOOEY if he does! I will have to talk to mom and dad about FRED. YAY!
  • Ellen, we are trying to figure out your tax issue, but need more data on the precise name of the tax law you must research. Can you give us a cite or a full name? There have been numerous IRS pronouncements of late and we don’t want to confuse you or your client. Congratulations on your new and improved (slimmer) tuchus!


  1. I'll help console Ellen if anything ever happens to Bubba Sadie but I do not want her turning into one of the SSGs who have slept with so many men they lose count. Ellen at least has had only 1 loser so she is still supple.