Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"the phenom that is Ellen"

Yes, we've heard a number of times about Alan's proposal to hyphenate. What I don't buy is that she has "not looked back since" their break-up. Sorry to be a downer, but au contraire she mention's him almost daily--even now more than 2 years after the split. Poignant in its wishful thinking, as I always say, in my infinite compassion and generosity. Now find out once and for all whether he's sobered up, and if he has, speed dial. 

As to the third party coment's transcribed below: the more common mis-spelling might be FREUGEL FRIDAY'S, but details aside the request appears to be that Kat title one of the Friday posts in this manner. Not my idea, freind, but how does it sound? Temporary disgrace in the name of fan-pandering--kind of like my own work, except with an excuse and a way out? 

Yes, I agree. Talking about UNWELNDEINESS, I am VERY lucky I did NOT marry Alan. He wanted us to hypenate our names, but he wanted HIS name to go first. I thought that was dumb.
I told him that I would rather keep my name by itself, b/c as an attorney admitted and in good standeing in NY, I have built up a GREAT reputation at the Bar and in the courthouse that would be lost if I had to put his name FIRST.
At worst, I would have my name first “BARSHEVSKY-SHEKETOVITS”, but that is also silly, b/c I would be seen as carrying him — literally! DOUBEL FOOEY.
Beside’s, Dad and Grandma Leyeh did NOT like the concept of me carrying along another name, particularly one that was NOT of royal lineage. TRIPEL FOOEY.
So it was that once he started drinkeing, it was an easy fix to JETTISON both him and his name, forever sepereated and banished from the name Barshevsky.
I have NOT looked back since. YAY!!!!!!
Now I have to Juggel Willem, Fred and Sam, with Micheal makeing a comeback through the Judge. I am convinced that it is all b/c of my smaller tuchus, but dad still INSISTS that I do the FITBIT each day to keep my tuchus in tone for the winter, when I will NOT be abel to walk to work thru the snow (which it did today–FOOEY!).


Is it just me or do all the readers who write in with questions have the first initial E? I am sure that’s not actually true, but for some reason I always remember it as E, or sometimes J. I can’t help but picture one very inquisitive Enid writing Kat all of these emails, followed by the occasional query from her sister Julia….


  1. I love the fruegel friday idea also!