Saturday, November 2, 2013

would NOT be exploreing any part of his terretory

OK, so she's not exactly meeting Fred "alone," she just won't have Myrna by her side. Ed (brother-in-law) is now the chaperone, but y'all know my level of confidence in him. 

Commenting freinds: we actually have a pretty healthy archive of No Way Hoze here already! Feel free to search for the latter term only and you'll see the collection. I did title a post this way on the first occasion I saw her use it. Finally, major point's to DC Corporettes who want to boycott Georgetown bald pig restauraunters in Ellen's honor. This is the kind of question we might have prayed she'd answer, since the whole story is years in the past, but. 

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! I love fruegel friday’s and this sheath dress. Since it is wash and wear, I will NOT have to have it dry cleaned, but I do have to make sure the cleaneing lady does NOT wash it with hot water and bleech, like she did my bra’s. FOOEY! (But I love the new bra’s–YAY!)
As to the OP, I think most all of us have worked with dooshes before, and it is not easy. Hug’s to you for haveing to deal with a doosh like that. When I was in college, I took a job to earn extra money my senior year. I met a guy on line for the movie’s in Georgetown, and he told me I could work at his bar/restrunt as the hostess. He said all I had to do is take peeople to their table’s and give them menu’s. So I took the job, and it was true, but b/c he gave me the job, he wanted me to sleep with him! I told him I did not find him sexueally attractive, and besides that, I was NOT that kind of girl. He said that all hostesse’s were all expected to sleep with their manager’s and that this is so well known that it virtueally come’s with the terretory, but if I did not want to sleep with him, I could do other thing’s. So I said FOOEY and that I would NOT be exploreing any part of his terretory any time soon, so I gave him my hostess hat back and left. He never even paid me for the 2 day’s that I worked. I also found out that he is still there (as of last Spring) and has lost all of his hair! Who would ever sleep with a bald bar/restrunt manager with a BA from GW? Not me, no way HOZE! I am so glad I never slept with that guy. DOUBEL FOOEY!
I am leaveing early to get a train to Chapaqua to see Rosa and the Kid’s. Ed is goeing to bring over Fred tomorrow nite, even tho he work’s in Weschester anyway. I hope he has more hair then the doosh that wanted to sleep with me so many year’s ago in Georgetown. YAY!!!!
  • In addition to JSFAMO, I have now picked up a new tagline from you, E.
    I love “Not me, no way HOZE!” and want to paste it in emails now.
  • DC Association :
    Dear ELLEN, can you please tell us DC r e t t e s the name of this establishment so we do not frequent it? We surely do NOT want to financially support a business that continues to employ such a DOOSH.


  1. This is precisely why guys like this have to be throttled, and we support the efforts of women to emasculate men like this. That is why we no longer give men access and we trust Ellen will not either��

    1. Tell. Ellen that she needs to have sex if she is to conceive!

  2. Pigs. These comments are clearly those of a woman hater! If this is you, Vinnie Kutza, plan on living in the office for the next 12 weekends!