Saturday, November 2, 2013

Yay Fred.

Are we supposed to be wondering whether Rosa's symptom's may be a surprise Bun #3 in the oven? It would be soon, yes, but she doesn't have any other activities or identity, so what the hay. She just needs to be very careful about going baggy, whether in the face or elsewhere. Doing it all young is probably the safest way to go--perhaps that was her (Ed's?) reasoning. Think Betty Draper before she was Betty Francis. 

And, Ellen is suddenly much more excited about Fred. We have almost nothing to go on with him, but again it could be process of elimination: Willem is all hands; Sam picks his nose and doesn't wear undies; Harold smells; Michael (son of Judge) hasn't called (has he?); Roberta's son lives in Philadelphia.

Yay! Open thread’s! I love open thread’s! And I have to stay late b/c I am takeing off Monday to stay in Chapaqua and have to go right into court Tuesday, so I am prepareing my ORAL ARGUEMENT’s NOW, even tho I have just filed the breif’s with the court electronically. YAY!
As for the OP, I walk to work with my fitbit in the morning, but since I wear my NIKE AIR’s and sweat’s, I have to change when I get here. That is why I have my at least one set of formal clotheing for court here in the closet, in case I have to go from work. Otherwise, I stay busness causual and just wash up in the bathroom, if Frank is not in there or in the hall, if the janitor’s are not in there or on the floor when I go into change. Then, I change into flats here and do not wear regular pump’s unless a cleint is comeing in or we schedule a DEPO here. I try NOT to schedule depo’s here b/c Frank likes to come in and watch, either me or the other plaintiff’s or counsel. Mostly me b.c the plaintiff’s are usueally older women and men (construction) and the attorney’s are usueally all older men, who I can get distracted with a littel effort (YAY!) into flubbing up something b/c I flatter them by makeing them look smart next to me.
But by the end of the day, if I decide to walk to home or where I am meeteing someone, I also will wear my flat’s or bring them with me and change into them from my Nike Air’s. When the winter come’s (soon-FOOEY), I will have to substitute boot’s for flat’s, and will not be abel to wear the Nike’s. I hope I do NOT start gaineing weight in the tuchus b/c I MUST be a size 0 by 2014.
Rosa is still not feeling great; she is nautious. She had alot of peeople over for a haloween party, and mabye some of the kids were sick and got her sick. In any event, I am goieng up to help out and meet Fred. Yay Fred. I hope you turn out to be the man of my dream’s! YAY!
I hope the hive has a great weekend! It’s suposed to be nice, not like last year with Huricane Sandy and David who blew me off when I needed support. DOUBEL FOOEY!


  1. Agreed. Rosa is cute and Ed is plowing her daily. Therefore another muffin in the oven! Now only if Fred was to start plowing Ellen

    1. It would be something if both Barshevsky sisters could both pop out kids next summer! But then who would the grandmother give the $50k to?

    2. The $50k is intended as incentive for Ellen to get married already, and then pregnant. Rosa is ineligible because she did those things much younger, and the remuneration is probably a lot better anyway (though from Ed and not Leyeh).