Monday, November 18, 2013


Ok, all the S's in there make me think Ellen just might have been deliberate this once. 

Yay! Hug’s to you, NOLA. I am glad you are NOT allergic to thing’s. I went to an ALLERGIST after I started sneezeing when I moved into my first apartement in NYC, and he told me it was b/c there were mice and other vermine around. I also told him the naighbor’s were cookeing useing CURREY POWDER, and he said that alot of peeople are allergic to CURREY, even if they do NOT eat the food. I think I already told the hive that I do NOT like men to wear perfume or colone, b/c it is ONLEY a coverup for their B.O., and that is NOT good. I met a guy in college that DRENCHED himself with ARMAIS, and underneath it was a smelley guy that did NOT like to shower. Needless to say, when he wanted to date me, I said I could not date a guy who smelled. When he said that I should LOVE ARMAIS, b/c so many girls did, I told him that whatever it was, I could still smell alot of B.O. on him, and that was a deal breaker! WHAT A TRUE FOOEY he was! He told my room mate that I wanted to have sex with him! Nothing could be further from the truth I said b/c I would NOT be abel to be in the same room, let alone haveing him drip his smelley B.O. on me. DISSSGUSSTING!

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  1. Hey, I wear Aramis. I wonder if this will be a negative with Ellen. If need be, I will stop and try a different cologne. All I care about is just getting a shot. How about giving me a plug, Ellenwatch? I promise not to be fresh.