Saturday, November 23, 2013

cape’s make me look fat, or alot like Mary Poppin’s

Do women really travel on business after they get married? Lots of cause for surprise/suspicion here; I agree with Ellen. Who else think's ol' galpal Pam may have a secret sugar daddy in New York? Maybe that's what Ellen means about the "good storie's" anticipated. 

Meanwhile, I was right to believe that Sam is still showing up at M&M, and Dad evidently thinks walkeing is going to be easier than riding horses when it comes to his sensitive tuchus. Glad I'm not invited on today's excursion--because you never know.

Yay! I was abel to avoid Sam today when he showed up in the office b/c I was useing to hallway toilet and saw him come in just as I was shutting the door. This is about the ONLEY time I have to thank Frank for takeing up residence in our toilet and makeing me use the hall toilet b/c if I were in there Sam would have nabbed me for sure! Thank’s Frank.
As for this cape, I love NIEMAN MARCUS, but cape’s make me look fat, or alot like Mary Poppin’s, and even tho there is NOTHING wrong with her, I prefer to be warm, and cape’s do NOT do this for me. I finaly had to break out my DOWN coat b/c walkeing to work has been very challengeing in the cold. Hopefully, it will be easy if I am warm, tho I will NOT walk as fast and my tuchus will not get as much of a workout.
Dad’s fitbit has arrived, and he said he was goieng to come into the city to walk with me on Saturday. I said OK b/c I want dad to see how much work it is to walk so many step’s every day. I am goieng to see if he can do the walk from 78th to 32nd like I do every day, but I will NOT make him walk back. He will probabley just go to PENN Station and colapse on the train goieng home. He said he got 2 fitbit’s–one for mom b/c her tuchus need’s a workout but I do NOT think mom will use it.
Tonite I am meeting Pam, an old freind from college at a bar on 3rd Avenue. I have not seen her for year’s but she is here on busness even tho she is MARRIED. I hope she has good storie’s to tell. I know her husband Stan from college. He alway’s smelled like warm milk. I think that was b/c he alway’s was eateing cheeze and yogurt. FOOEY!

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  1. Too bad about the capes. Many women look good in them or once they take them off. I think her friend Pam may be fooling around on her hubby.