Sunday, November 24, 2013

It is stuperscitcious

Hmm...Ellen say's this dress is unavailable in her size, but as of 11/23 it's still in stock in straight sizes 0 through 14. That should cover it, right? In petites, sizes 0 and 2 are unavailable, but since Ellen has shared that her height is 5'5" this shouldn't be relevant. 

Lower down (teehee) I appreciate Ellen's speculation about models having IBS and standing crookedly as a result. However, the formatting on future brief response-posts suggests an alternate Ellen (just maybe!) Well done, whomever.

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s and I love this dress and Ann Taylor and this is a great find. Fooey b/c they do NOT have my size.
As for the OP, Super HUG’S to you, K-Padi, I know how dificult this can be. FOOEY!
When I was a littel girl, my mom had a cat for us, and his name was Boot’s. He was so cute, but mom had him before she was married, so by the time we were old enough to APRECIATE Boot’s, he was about 17. I remember when Mom had to do this and she was very sad. Even dad was sad, and dad usueally does NOT show ANY emotion. Even at Rosa’s wedding, when he had to give her away, he was very smiley b/c he knew that Ed would be takeing her off his plate. Of course, Rosa was NOT high mantenance (me either), but Dad wanted to have some one else buy all of Rosa’s clothe’s and shoe’s and take her on vacation’s and all that. Also, when Rosa moved out, Dad converted her room to his “study” and he does NOT let anyone in there–even mom.
I told dad about Vikram and he acted a littel strange. I think he want’s me to try it out with David, or even Sam, but not Willem or Vikram. I think b/c their name’s end in an M, he and Grandma Leyeh do NOT like that. It is stuperscitcious, but that is the way they are. I told him I HAVE to meet VIKRAM especialy b/c I put him off already once. Myrna says he will be cool to go out with b/c he is from Sri Lanka.

Aqualover :
I do not get why every single model on the Ann Taylor website is standing with one shoulder 6″ above the other. Like some awkward balancing contest or something.

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  1. I hope Vikram does not pressure Ellen for sex. That would not be a good thing.