Thursday, November 28, 2013

PHEREMONE compatebility


Vikram is confirmed weird (and possibly chemically dependent), but we may be meeting Roberta's Philly son as soon as Black Friday. Myrna is still dispensing wisdom, and Rosa is presumably still pregnant with #3. Not much else to say, it seem's, and I need to sign off for a bit anyway. Everyone enjoy their boiled Yam's, and dispense immediately with ooooglers around you're tables this evening! Hopefully you're all married anyway!


Yay! This is an Open Thread Wednesday! I love Open thread’s!
I love this dress, Cat, but need a guy to take me out to the type of places where I could wear this. Most guys just want to go to basketball games, or worse yet, back to my place and they do NOT focus on clotheing at all. FOOEY on them!
I just got home and am boileing my YAM’s for tomorrow. I was NOT sure if I had to peel the YAM’s first or wait until they are Boiled, and mom is out somewhere not pickeing up on her Cell phone. I could NOT wait and ask the hive so I am just goieng forward and Boileing the Yam’s first. They were dirty any way, so I figure I will boil away all the dirt. FOOEY on Dirt. They should realy clean them before selling them in Fairway’s. Doubel Fooey!
Myrna called to say that Vikram told his freind that he REALY liked me. I think he is OK, but he already has me pregneant with many of his kid’s and I onley went out on ONE date with him. We will have to see. I also wondered why he was doing so much sniffeing around me. He said he was testing to determine PHEREMONE compatebility (which he said the answer was “YES”, but I think that mabye he had a cold or worse yet, has some sort of probelem with snorting bad stuff, b/c they do alot of that in his industry for fun. FOOEY on that. That is a definite deal breaker. Drinkeing is bad enough, but NO WAY HOZE am I goieng to marry a drug addiect. DOUBEL FOOEY!
Roberta STILL want’s me to swing by her place to meet her son, but it can’t be Tomorrow b/c I am NOT goieng to be at Grandma Leyeh’s. But she said her son will be there all weekend, so I told her I would call her after I got back to the CITY on Friday. Myrna said she probabley will NOT want to drive on Thank’sgiving after eateing alot of turkey because of TRIPTOPANE. I have learned SO much from Myrna. I hope that I can teach her thing’s from time to time. YAY!
Dad said that mabye he would come back in the car with Myrna and me and we could walk in the City. He has to meet a guy on Friday about some project he is workeing on and that guy is goeing to be on the WEST SIDE somewhere. I told him I realy do NOT know much about the west side other then you have to take a bus to get there and the peeople are usueally very freindly over there. I went to Zebar’s once, and the guy in the coffee department wanted to date me just b/c I drink Colomian Coffee. Anyway, HAPPY TURKEY DAY TO THE HIVE. YAY!!!!


  1. Happy Thanksgiing to you too!

  2. Happy turkey day, EW! Ellen should never trust an uncircumcised weenie.

  3. We also did not like anything about this Vikram. In fact, the only Vikram we might consider dating was named Vikram Pandit, and he was the CEO at Citibank and was a gentleman.

    1. Yes, you ladies all have expensive taste. This reminds me of Ellen's comment that she would have accepted the attentions of Lloyd Blankfein. Unfortunately I can't make any introductions.

    2. I don't know him either, but even tho he too is probably circumcised, I personally would not take him to bed.