Wednesday, November 20, 2013

think’s that his standard of liveing is goieng to go DOWN

Much more marital background on MP than we'd ever had before. Thank's for the close read, Kanye, and indeed I wondered the same about the verb "have" as separate from "marry." Then we learn that MP's late nights on the job, while married to Wife #1, may have involved Margie (cum mistress, I assume?) Shady shady, just as we've come to expect from this one. I'd wondered before what happened to his original wife, but since she's still local perhaps it's not too much to ask that she show's up at the office at some point with a demand or two. MP tells Lynn to say he's out of the office, but Ellen blows his cover, I could go on. 

And it's unclear whether Ellen actually is going out with Willem again or not. 

Cat, I love this blouse, but it is to low cut for me to wear to work b/c of FRANK. He would start investigeating what kind of bra I am weareing and whether it was the right color for the shirt, etc, etc, etc, so I will have to pass on this one. Mabye Rosa would like it b/c it is OK if Ed is lookeing, but NOT any one else. FOOEY!
As for the OP, Divorce can get expensive, particularley if it is contested, meaning in your case if your hubby is a doosh and think’s that his standard of liveing is goieng to go DOWN after you leave b/c you make alot of money and he does NOT and he will have to pay his own OBAMAcare or whatever, b/c you were paying but now you will NOT, etc, etc.
The manageing partner does some divorces, but he alway’s represent’s men and they are also dooshe’s b/c they want to minimise the amount they have to pay to their exe’s b/c they usueally have new women to support. FOOEY b/c the women themselves can be dispensed with by these same peeople in a few year’s for even newer model’s. That is how the manageing partner wound up with Margie–there was some kind of pay off to Margie’s ex so that the manageing partner could have her and marry her. I do NOT know what ever happened the manageing partner’s first wife. She ocasionally calls the manageing partner when she needs some thing — she live’s somewhere NEAR the HAMTONS, but never remarried. I heard from Frank that she did NOT like the manageing partner’s late nite work (which I think involved Margie, but I am not sure).
So anyway, hug’s to you and I hope you get a good divorce lawyer who will make sure that you get out of your mess with as LITTEL DIFICULTY as possible, and that you find a new, GOOD GUY to MARRY, b/c that is what I am also lookeing for.
Willem texted me today and he also want’s to out this week. I am to busy right now to think b/c I have to figure out more about VIKRAM and get alot smarter about SRI LANKA. So far, I have googeled it and am learning alot about it. I do NOT think I want to live there if we get married, tho. It is NOT at all like NYC, so mabye this is why VIKRAM came here to live. I will find out more from Myrna when she talk’s to her freind. YAY!!!!!!
  • there was some kind of pay off to Margie’s ex so that the manageing partner could have her and marry her.(emphasis added)
    Manageing Partner: Human Trafficker?

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