Tuesday, November 5, 2013

but I told him I had to be watcheing my figure

Does anybody say "figure" anymore? Other than 90+-year-old Ellen? 

My other concern about this post is that the judge may think Ellen is a "Mrs." How could he ever, in good conscience, have set her up with his own nephew???? FOOEY/NARRATIVE HOLE, now fix it.

Oh! I love wooden heeled shoes! I have to ask the manageing partner if I can order a pair of these!
When I was in court today, the judge said I was a black belt! He yelled at opposeing council and called him an amateaur. He said why can’t you be a black belt like Mrs. Barshevsky here? I think the judge think’s I am MARRIED!
On my way over to the 6 line, a guy, Mitch, said I went to high school with him, but I did not remember him. As it turned out, he did NOT, but he onley wanted to find out about me. I did NOT tell him anything except where I went to high school and when I gradueated, but he had to tell me first about him. I did NOT tell him where I lived, but he could tell I was a lawyer b/c I was comeing out of the court house and had a pile of breif’s with me. This guy Mitch asked if we might “grab a bite to eat” but I told him I had to be watcheing my figure. I did NOT give him the name of my law firm so I do NOT think he will be abel to track me down just b/c I was getting on the 6 train uptown.
Rosa is definateley pregneant, and Ed is thrilled. Now I have to find a guy and get married so that I can too. YAY!!!!!!

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  1. Maybe the Judge is getting old. There was a proposition on the NY ballot to let judges work until they were 80. I don't know the results, but hope this guy retires early.