Tuesday, November 5, 2013

to see if I am clear to have babie’s also

Yep, this is pretty standard: you tag along to your sister's OB/GYN appointment and at the end, since the doctor usually has spare time, you just hop up on to the table yourself for a quick once-over on your reproductive readiness. If Ellen's character wasn't so thoroughly predicated on cluelessness, even I might suspect she's a man on days like this. 

Fred is using lines familiar from Vincent Kutza. My guess is that he'll stop being boreing once Ed is out of the way, but not necessarily for the better. Progress is so slow in Ellen's race to marriage and motherhood that sometime's I truly think we're going backward's. 

Yay! Splurgey Monday! I can’t affor’d it, but it look’s great for those that can! I am posteing from Chapaqua, b/c I am takeing the day off to spend with Rosa and the kid’s! Ed went in to work today, but he think’s Rosa may be pregenant again. Rosa is goeing to the OBGYN today to check it out and I will go with her. The housekeeper will stay home with the baby. I want a baby, and mabye Rosa will now have 3! Yay for Rosa, but I still have to find my man! FOOEY! Speakeing of which, Ed was very nice to me this weekend. I think it is b/c he want’s me to date FRED. Fred is nice enough, but he is realy boring. His family own’s a pet food store (with 2 branche’s) and he is in charge of one of the branche’s. When he came over for dinner on Saturday, I had to carry the conversation. He kept askeing why it was that I was not married and I told him that it was b/c I could not find a guy who respected me for my MIND, not my body. He said I was very smart b/c I was abel to become a lawyer and a partner, and he was kind of a partner b/c his dad is putting him in charge of one of the pet store’s, and he get’s to order inventory for BOTH store’s. He is a littel young for me, but Ed poiented out that women live longer then men and that if we got married, Fred would want to have kid’s right away. I think it was a littel to early to bring up children with Fred, but Ed wanted to make sure that I knew that Fred knew that I wanted children right away. Fred said he sure was willeing to try, and I am not sure what that meant. I told them that I needed to get MARRRIED before I would have children b/c Grandma Leyeh does NOT want me to fool around with men just to have babie’s. Fred understood.
I will check in with the hive later after we get back from the OB/GYN. Mabye I will ask her to look at me to see if I am clear to have babie’s also. If Rosa can do it, so can I. YAY!!!!!!!

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  1. This is funny, Ellenwatch, you've outdid yourself with that comment. I agree Ellen was a bit foolish to think she could hop up and get into the stirrups for a quick look-see by the OBGYN. She first needs to find the right guy, determine compatibility (and fertility), then get married and have her children. That is what we want also, though we are considering artificial insemination at this point, and suggest that you, Ellenwatch, bring this to Ellen's attention.