Wednesday, October 2, 2013

FOOEY on the sequester!

Setup for the first date with Michael...

Oooo! I love TAHARI! And this color block dress also!!! Yay!
I had alot of troubel walkeing into work today b/c of the goverment shut down. I think there were alot less police and firemen on the street so that the street peeople were causing troubel. Also, I heard there was some troubel on the West Side walkway where 4 peeople were stabbed. I think all of this has alot to DO with the SEQUESTER. Why can’t Congress just pay the policeman and firemen so they will NOT have to go without a PAYCHECK? FOOEY on the sequester!
I wonder if my case’s will be heard on Friday? I have to call the court to see if the JUDGE is goeing to work. If he is NOT goeing to get paid, I do NOT think he will come in or make his staff work for free. I am goieng to meet his nephew, Micheal, after work on Wednesday. It will be very warm so he will meet me here at work and then we will decide where he is goieng to take me to eat. I hope he does NOT take me to a deli. I have not eaten Italian lately, so I will try and see if we can go to a place near me. I will have to ask the manageing partner when he get’s in if Margie can recomend a place. She used to live near me b/f she married the manageing partner and moved to LI with him. She and some of her freind’s get together at a place so mabye I will go there.
Frank is here already, and is in the toilet reading the Post. Nothing much else to report. FOOEY b/c I need to clean up b/f work, but I do NOT want to use the hall toilet b/c the maintenenace guy’s are out there waiting for me. DOUBEL FOOEY!


  1. I am not sure about these events in NY but it is true that there are a lot more nuts out there that we have to look out for. Where I go to school, there are college guys in my class that go around bragging after they get us to drink too much and then they "bag a chick" -- which equates us with wild game like turkey. These little men go around telling other people all the dirty details. I think that is a breach of trust and confidence for a guy to tell all after "bagging" us. We are women who sometimes make minor mistakes, yet once we do, the whole school, including our profs, look at us like wanton women. That is a double standard. We have sex with a guy and we are the villians? What is that all about? Ellenwatch, you don't have control over the guys at our college, but we would appreciate some vote of confidence for us, and forgiveness if we should make the mistake of sleeping with guys when we drink too much.

    1. You always have my vote of confidence--only true elites read this blog! As for "mistakes," your consent needs to be genuine, but as long as it is I forgive you in advance.