Saturday, October 26, 2013

SCHRUNCHIES, and they are NOT cheep

Indeed. The only way that the Igor and Oleg storyline could get more Ellen was that a multipack of schrunchies was involved; done. One word of consolation, though: I think they ARE cheep. In the $3 range for a five-pack of ribbed ones in various colors at my local drugstore, at least. Or does she treat them as disposable? The other explanation would be that Ellen's were couture, but that's never been her speed.

Rosa is running a HALLOWEEN party for kid’s that are about that AGE also. I will ask her and get back to you if she has any idea’s for you! YAY!
I discovered this MORNING when I was packeing my Gym bag to go to the NYSC, that all of my SCHRUNCHIES are missing! There is NO WAY those could have got lost, and I have absoluteley NO idea what Igor or Oleg would do with a SCHRUNCHIE. First of all SCHRUNCHIES are way to small to use as SWEATBAND’S and Igor is BALD, so he can not even use it in case he had hair. Oleg has some hair, but NOT enough to use a SCHRUNCHIE. What would these men do with my SCHRUNCHIES anyway? This is getting wierder and wierder with them. Dad say’s they still are traveling in “the states” and will be comeing back thru NYC to take their plane back to BUDAPEST in November, so I will get to see them before they leave. I do NOT want to get anywhere near their duffle bag’s, which sureley will have more dirty clothe’s in them, but I BET that they will have my pantie’s and SCHRUNCHIES in there. But DAD says NOT to bring it up with them. WHY? Now I have to go out and buy all new SCHRUNCHIES, and they are NOT cheep, and NOW the manageing partner will NOT pay for them. FOOEY!


  1. Managing partner pays for her clothes and she gets an she pay for anything? FOOEY!

    1. Actually it's a clotheing allowance--the only other $$$ she gets from MP is her salary. All finances are controlled by Dad, meaning he oversees her spending, pays bills and deals with taxe's. But Ellen is the earner and thus usually the payer.